WhatsApp new feature will save you from awkwardness, but beware!

Bol News  |  Jun 23, 2021

If sharing sensitive information on WhatsApp makes you feel uncomfortable, try using the disappearing messages feature. But be cautious, there is a problem there as well.

WhatsApp disappearing messages: Do you need to send an important message but are concerned that it could place you in an awkward scenario in the future? We’ve heard so many horror stories told by celebrities about how their former behavior, images, messages, and other things came back to haunt them. These can truly harm your work, your relationships, and your reputation. If you must share that important message, WhatsApp has a solution known as disappearing messages. Yes, it will improve your privacy. However, there is a catch that you should be aware of.

The company has rolled out the functionality of a disappearing message for users who wish to erase as much of their past as possible in order to avoid controversy. For most folks, this feature is a lifesaver. It permits a sender to send a message, and that message will disappear within 7 days. The message will be removed from the recipient’s WhatsApp account.

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