Biden White House atmosphere is transformed

DailyTimes  |  Jan 24, 2021

Camped out in bare offices, President Joe Biden’s new White House team has spent its first three days scrambling for things like binder clips and IT support — oh, and trying to save the country from multiple crises.

They took over leadership of the world’s most powerful, wealthy and innovative nation on Wednesday. But after a nasty transition period from the Donald Trump administration, incoming staff face some of the problems an ordinary renter might face in a new apartment.

The entire premises got a deep cleaning job that CNN reported cost $500,000 and the Oval Office has been revamped.

But rows of empty shelves and walls stripped of decoration make a less than homely atmosphere in the warren of offices occupied by Press Secretary Jen Psaki and her media operation.

On her first full day, Meghan Hays, director of message planning, had to write on her cellphone because the computer didn’t work. Another staffer asked if anyone had seen binder clips, before rummaging unsuccessfully through an assortment of office supplies in a big cardboard box.

Yet even if Biden’s crew haven’t had time to hang pictures, they’ve already transformed the White House.

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