BOL Entertainment’s ‘BOL Kaffara’ Surpasses 100 Million Views On YouTube

Bol News  |  Jun 20, 2021

BOL Entertainment, one of the emerging platforms for all the desired artists, is working at its best to promote a vast number of singers and artists who are still unidentified and waiting for their fate to shine.

With all the remarkable achievements, BOL Entertainment has achieved another milestone after its original version of BOL Kaffara Kya Hoga has surpassed 100 million views on YouTube, becoming one of the most viewed songs ever released in Pakistan.

The song from BOL Entertainment’s show Parlour Wali Larki has garnered immense love and appreciation since its release.

Sung by Sehar Gul Khan and Shehbaz Fayaz Qawwal, the song is worth listening to as the singers did their best to make this song tug at the heartstrings of the listeners with their soulful voice.

‘BOL Kaffara Kya Hoga’ Reaches More Than 100M Views

BOL Beats – BOL Kaffara:

On the other hand, BOL Beats had released its second track featuring singers Anilka Gill and Zaain ul Abideen.

The original version had garnered more than 85 million views on YouTube. The original song was sung by Sehar Gul Khan for BOL Entertainment’s drama serial “Parlour Wali Larki”.

However, Zaain and Anilka added more charm to the song with their stellar singing skills, proving that Pakistani singers can compete with the rising popularity of Indian Music.

Zaain and Anilka blended the tune of folk music with the modernized western touch and were loved by everyone.

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