Imran Ashraf’s music video ‘Tera Deewana’ goes viral

DailyTimes  |  Oct 25, 2021

A new music video by “Soch The Band” featuring Pakistani talented actor Imran Ashraf has gone viral.

The video song which was uploaded on YouTube on Thursday has now reached over 1 million views.

The song ‘Tera Deewana’ is an emotional track that expresses deep love by overcoming all barriers and making sacrifices in the name of love.

Take the thrilling ride of falling madly in love with SochTheBand, starring Imran Ashraf, Sadia Khan, and Misbah Mumtaz.

The video begins with Imran sitting by the roadside and speaking to Sadia. It is clear from their conversation that their relationship has been flourishing only over the phone and the two have never seen each other. Sadia fulfils, however, her promise of sending her photo to Imran when they complete a year together and that is where things get complicated.

Imran receives a photo showing Sadia with a friend, whom he mistakes for her. When Sadia asks him to guess which one is her, Imran remarks, “All beauty is in the yellow outfit,” referring to Sadia’s friend. A visibly upset, teary-eyed Sadia hangs up on Imran.

The video follows him travelling to her city to find her but there is a lot of heartbreak and drama before the two unite.

The song has been described as “a sentimental track manifesting profound love, turning down all obstacles and sacrifices all in the name of love.”

It has been produced by Bilal Saeed and One Two Records.

Imran was last seen in Raqs-e-Bismil opposite Sarah Khan. He was nominated for his performance at the 20th Lux Style Awards.

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