President emphasises on strengthening cyber security of country

Radio Pakistan  |  Jul 28, 2021

President Dr Arif Alvi has urged the youth to have compassion for humanity; besides achieving higher positions in the field of education and knowledge.

Addressing the convocation of Ghulam Ishaq Khan Institute in Islamabad on Wednesday, he said knowledge coupled with empathy is vital for a vibrant society. He said knowledge enables an individual to play a constructive role in the society.

Dr Arif Alvi, while congratulating the graduates of GIKI, said that universities need to focus on emerging technologies such as Information and Communication Technology and Artificial Intelligence so that the country could meet the future security challenges.

He emphasised on strengthening the cyber security of the country in wake of rapid changes in the field of IT.

The President hoped that Pakistani youth has the ability to cope with the future challenges.

President calls for increasing component of hybrid education

President Dr Arif Alvi has called for increasing the component of hybrid education by the universities to provide cost-effective and easily-accessible education to students.

Speaking at a briefing on the Pakistan Institute of Engineering and Applied Sciences in Islamabad today, he said universities need to equip their students with modern IT skills to meet the future security threats arising out of cyberwarfare.

Highlighting the importance of research and development, the President urged the universities to broaden the spectrum of research and focus on the intellectual development of students to meet the current-day’s challenges. 

He also emphasised the need to develop international collaborations with universities of good repute.

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