Residents of Bahria Enclave protest ‘illegal’ hike in electricity tariff

DailyTimes  |  Jan 24, 2021

Residents of Bahria Enclave staged a protest demonstration against the ‘unjust and illegal’ hike in electricity bills and the ouster of more than 200 security guards by the Bahria Enclave on Saturday.

Hundreds of families including women and children gathered in front of the Bahria Enclave head office and demanded the management “revoke the excessive increase in electricity bills” and improve security of the society by restoring the security guards. Protesters held banners and placards and chanted slogans against the management and the “unjust and illegal” increase in electricity tariff.

The demonstration was led by the Society of Bahria Enclave Residents (SOBER), which is a representative body of the residents.

Speaking on the occasion, SOBER President Iftikhar Kazmi, Vice President Tariq Farid and General Secretary Anwar Usmani said the residents will not pay the electricity charges unless “the excessive increase” in the bills, which are in violation to NEPRA and IESCO rates per unit, are not revoked. They said additional charges under “tariff adjustment” in the bills have neither been approved by NEPRA nor IESCO. The SOBER representatives demanded the management improve security and control increasing incidents of theft and dacoity in the society.

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