Supreme court orders to demolish Nasla Tower within a week

DailyTimes  |  Oct 25, 2021

KARACHI:  On Monday, the Supreme Court ordered the civic authorities to demolish the Nasla Tower within a week, Daily Times reported.

An apex court bench headed by Justice Gulzar Ahmad gave this direction while hearing cases at the Karachi registry.

“Why hasn’t the Nasla Tower been pulled down?” asked the chief justice, expressing displeasure for not implementing the SC order. The court ruled that no kind of concession would be allowed in the case.

On Oct 15, the residents of the Nasla Tower were notified by their concerned assistant commissioner to vacate the building within 15 days or face coercive action by state authorities.

The assistant commissioner (AC) of Ferozabad issued a notice and also published it in the newspapers warnings against not vacating the Tower buildings within 15 days, as the Supreme Court order demanded the demolition of the structure.

In case of failure, the notification said that the Sindh Public Property (Removal of Encroachment) Act, 2010 “may be initiated against you or other coercive action may be taken”.

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