Veena bashed online for her recent statement

DailyTimes  |  Sep 24, 2021

Former actress Veena Malik recently appeared on a show and commented about ‘need for a proper dress code for showbiz industry’

Talking on the show, Veena said “Pakistan is a sovereign land, people are wearing every type of dresses here, and girls have the freedom to wear the clothes of their own choice. I believe government should make a dress code for showbiz as well, there should be some mentioned boundaries of dressing outlined by government for people in showbiz,”

Netizens were quick enough to respond to her statement. The keyboard warriors couldn’t resist and started bashing Veena Malik.

“Apna to pata nahin hy is bibi ko,” a social media user wrote.

A social media user wrote “The hypocrisy though”

A user named Shazia Mughal commented that ‘these kinds of people’ must think about giving such statements. “Don’t you know about yourself and are talking about others?” she asked.

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