Mono Selfie Stick - White

PRICE: RS. 239
Category: Selfie Sticks
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For the selfie stars!Its impossible to have a hang out or get together and not click some amazing selfies. This wired extendable selfie stick, helps you do just that. It enables you to take even better selfies and will let you capture any moment with your friends and make it a memory. It is compatible with iPhone 6, 6+, 4, 4S, 5 and provides an extendable feature to cover as many people as it can while taking pictures. Now be the selfie star with the best selfies that have everyone in them.

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Mono Selfie Stick - White Price in Pakistan – Today’s updated price for Mono Selfie Stick - White Rs.239 as last updated on 2019 Mar, 20. You may view other Mono Selfie Stick - White in this category Selfie Sticks and can compare price, features, users’ reviews and ratings of Mono Selfie Stick - White.