Angry SMS Messages

Angry SMS

I lied to you and even tried to cover it up on the run, which made me look like a nasty villain. But I promise that tolerance for lies in our relationship is ZERO, and I’ll prove it to you by being your HERO. "Love SMS For Angry Wife"

Sender:Ambreen Date:19-01-2019
Angry SMS

'Kuch RothY RothY se lagtY ho
ku kuch Badhla Badhla sa andaZ h apka'

Sender:Qadeer Date:19-01-2019
Angry SMS

You never have to say sorry, if you learn to control your temper.

Angry man cannot build anything, he can only destroy.

An angry man delivers words unconsciously and when he come to conscious, he realize what he has lost.

Few minutes of loss of temper destroy all moments of love.

No one trust a lose temper man or an angry man because of his uncontrolled tongue.

Anger eats up all love and trust among relations. So avoid talking while you are angry. You will have a better life.

To keep your relation strong, never get angry when your partner is angry.

Sender:Farhan Date:19-01-2019
Angry SMS

– “It seems a waste of time that we are away from each other and angry. Instead I would like to fill you with kisses and tell you how much I love you. Let us talk. “

Sender:Aqib Date:19-01-2019
Angry SMS

Husband aur Wife Hotel me gaye tabhi 1 Lady ne Hello kiya, Wife nay pocha,"Koun Thi Wo?" Husband:-Tum dimagh kharab mat karo, main pehle hi pareshan hun k woh bhi Yehi pochay gi.

Sender:Sohaib Date:13-01-2019
Angry SMS

I’ve caused your pain,
I made you cry,
I hurt you and made you angry.
For that, I hate myself.
I’m deeply sorry, please forgive me.
I know I’ve done something aweful
I’ve hurt you and I didn’t intend to
I am so sorry, sweetheart.
Please forgive me.

Sender:Hamad Khan Date:13-01-2019
Angry SMS

An angry man delivers words unconsciously and when he come to conscious, he realize what he has lost.

Sender:Zubaida Date:13-01-2019
Angry SMS

“At some point you came to me asking for forgiveness and although I did not make it easy for you, I managed to forgive you, so it is now me who is asking you to forgive me because I feel really bad about all the things that happened.

Sender:Naeem Date:13-01-2019
Angry SMS

Jaab TaluQ me MaQsad pura hota nazar na Aye to Log ap se Aisy Be TaluQ hoty Hain K Jesy Janty Nahi....

Sender:Sameen Date:13-01-2019
Angry SMS

Kabhi Apny Lahjoon pe Ghaor Karnaa...
Us Mein Lafzz Kitny Hein...Aur..Teeeer Kitny

Sender:Umaima Khan Date:13-01-2019
Angry SMS

koie na milay to qismat sy gila nahi karty,
aksar log mil kr bi mila nahi karty

har shaakh par bahaar aati ha zaror,
par har shaakh par phool khila nhi krty

Sender:Shazaib Date:05-01-2019
Angry SMS

Aye khat jaa unke haathon ko choom le,
Jab woh padhe toh unke honthon ko choom le,
khuda na kare woh faad bhi dale toh girte girte,
unke kadamo ko choom le...

Sender:Nadeem Date:04-01-2019
Angry SMS

True love words can bring us closer. It’s not easy for you to understand that your smile and happiness means the world to me. I hope you keep on smiling and feel my love!

Sender:Sara Date:04-01-2019
Angry SMS

Your love makes my life bright and beautiful, you never stop believing in my ability and for that I am grateful.

Sender:Sameer Date:04-01-2019
Angry SMS

You are my rock, my inspiration, my funny man, and my life coach. The many successes and achievements that I have in my life are because of your love and support. They wouldn’t be possible without you here right by my side. Thank you for loving me. I love you, my dear husband.

Sender:Zaryab Date:04-01-2019
Angry SMS

Roz tera Intezar hota hai..
Roz ye Dil beqarar hota hai
Tm samjh jao k
Chup rhny walo ko bhi kisi sy By-had pyar hota hai

Sender:Iqra Shoaib Date:04-01-2019
Angry SMS

You are my nice wife, a great mom, and the owner of my heart. I have loved you from the very start.

Sender:Azhar Ahmed Date:03-01-2019
Angry SMS

گھرا ہوا ہوں جنم دن سے اس تعاقب میں
زمین آگے ہے اور آسماں مرے پیچھے

Sender:Hassan zaib Date:25-12-2018
Angry SMS

تم اکثر پوچھتے تھے نه
جو هم بچھڑ جائیں تو کیا هوگا
تم اکثر سوچتے تھے نه
نا مل پاۓ تو کیا هوگا
لو دیکھ لو,,, اب بھی زنده ھیں
ابھی بھی چاند تکتے ھیں
ابھی بھی پھول کھلتے ھیں
ابھی بھی دل کے دریا میں
هزوروں درد بهتے ھیں
ابھی بھی کچھ نهیں بدلا
مگر_____________کمی سی ھے
تمهارے بعد جاناں
آنکھوں میں نمی سی ھے.......!!!!

Sender:nasir abbas Date:23-12-2018
Angry SMS

Uljha Rahi Hai Mujh Ko,

Yehi Kash Makash Musalsal

Wo Aa Basa Hai Mujh Mei,

Ya Mai Us Mei Kho Gai Hoon

Sender:nasir abbas Date:23-12-2018

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