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Apple iphone 7

Price: Rs. 73,899

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1960 mAh
12 MP
256 GB 2 GB RAM

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Camera quality of this Mobile phone is great .. but sometime i do not understand its feature but overall its very amazing mobile
By: abid, khi on Oct, 06 2020
For the best functionality and watching the Blu-Ray print movies in the smartphone apple iPhone 7 is the best smartphone of all time
By: NOREEN, lahore on Apr, 13 2019
mara ghar ak apple iphone da kar jao
By: samad, pakistan on Feb, 16 2019
mara ghar ak apple iphone da kar jao
By: samad, pakistan on Feb, 16 2019
This cellphone is no more available in the market and if we talk about it features then it has very poor battery quality.
By: Roma, karachi on Nov, 18 2018
The apple iPhone 7 has the amazing Belton memory that allow us to get play any heavy game in it easily without face any trouble with the amazing battery standby
By: alishba, islamabad on Oct, 31 2018
I would suggest people not to go for just iPhone 7 but do seek for iPhone 7 plus. 7 Plus has more quality features as compare to this.
By: Hammad, karachi on Oct, 11 2018
Iphone 7 somehow failed to please me some time back when i was desperately waiting to get my hands on it, poor battery timings and some very below the bar features.
By: Bilal, Quetta on Oct, 10 2018
I would not suggest going for Apple IPHONE 7 as it is quite outdated and one can add up some more money to buy Apple IPHONE 7 PLUS which is richer in features if we compare it with this cell phone.
By: Kashif, Jhelum on Oct, 02 2018
Iphones have no competition, seriously, i have Iphone 7 and i feel to possess something extraordinary in my hand.
By: Sajeel, Faisalabad on Sep, 17 2018
Apple Iphone 7 has an unbeatable camera resolution- ever since i got it, i just can't stop taking my selfies. Though, i believe the phone is too fragile and sensitive.
By: Amina Rashid, Hyderabad on Sep, 16 2018
This is mine expected smart phone that has the everything quite different then now days other smart phone and also makes with the every perfect thing
By: mehreen, faislabad on Sep, 08 2018
My father has been using Apple iPhone 7 and he is very satisfied with its performance. Looks and graphics of this cellphone is also very remarkable and battery timing is very efficient.
By: Kantesh, karachi on Aug, 31 2018
Apple iPhone 7 types of cellphone are just good for one or one-and-a-half-year use after that they start having issues regarding storage as well as their processor get weak.
By: Sadiq, karachi on Aug, 25 2018
Breakfast PowerPoint
By: ConnectED 2, Over Kadaza - De visuele startpagina on Aug, 24 2018
Although I can’t afford to buy this cellphone, but I have seen my friends using it. A very stylish cellphone with amazing features. Camera quality of this cellphone is mind blowing.
By: Faizan, karachi on Aug, 20 2018
The amazing speed smart phone of apple iPhone 7 we easily get shot the every photo beautifully by the front and back both camera
By: zoobia, islamabad on Aug, 17 2018
The brilliant device of the amazing of apple that having the every updated thing in apple iPhone 7 has the perfect performance what we need to use for
By: seema, islamabad on Aug, 11 2018
Apple iphone 7 mobile phone is the good smartphone of all time which has
the really good performance and the amazing price what we could really need
By: Daima, Dehra Dun on Aug, 10 2018
Apple iPhone 7 the smartphone which has the great specs and definitely makes something new in their smartphone with the great battery standby
By: sobia, Karachi on Aug, 08 2018
I am not satisfied with apple iphone 7 screen as it is very unattractive while
watching videos on it. Apart from that the features provided are exemplary
and worth its price.
By: Hamid, Islamabad on Aug, 07 2018
According to me Apple has died with Steve Jobs and now I can’t find any innovation in their cellphones. Apple iPhone 7 was the only last set which I consider appraisable.
By: Hamza Abrar, Karachi on Aug, 03 2018
apple iphone 7 has a very brilliant camera result with good battery timing. I bought
this cellphone because of its camera quality because I am very concerned about
taking pictures.
By: Rania, Rawalpindi on Aug, 01 2018
This apple iPhone 7 is the great device of this big brand of apple that provide us the great model in this reasonable price
By: aleem, multan on Jul, 27 2018
Apple iphone 7 is available in market with more cheap rates as compare it to the price mentioned above. I would recommend people to go for more updated models of iphone.
By: Shumail, Multan on Jul, 23 2018
By the help of this smart phone we easily watch the movies in this beautiful resolution that has the beautiful resolution with the good pixels of apple iPhone 7
By: Saad, sunderland on Jul, 17 2018
iphone 7 has a version of kit kat which is too old that why I don’t like it, the camera result of this phone is not good because it have 5 MP camera but the price is impressive one can easily enjoy good features in low price.
By: Mikail Falak, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
iphone 7 has a version of kit kat which is too old that why I don’t like it, the camera result of this phone is not good because it have 5 MP camera but the price is impressive one can easily enjoy good features in low price.
By: Mikail Falak, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
I always like iphone 7 because of this touch system this set has a different type of sensor in it like barometer, compass, dust proof, heart rate, shock proof and thermometer. Hope the sell of LG G5 will increase soon.
By: Husban Khan, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
I bought iphone 7 from a sadder mobile shop the price of this phone was too low, as shown in this page, please recheck the price, but I appreciate this portal because whenever I want to buy any phone I first check price on hamariweb.
By: Atia Alvi, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
IPhone is a number one brand in the market this is because of its splendid features of Icloud, Siri and Imessage. IPhone is available in the market with different colours and different internal storage of 16, 32 or 128gb users enjoy its iOS system that makes it different from others smart phone.
By: Rabia Humayoon, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
I love iphone 7only in white color because of its classy look. This mobile is old now and the price of mobile also decreases in the market the users say that it has a super picture display.
By: Zohaib Punjwani, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
iPhone 7 has a quad core processor running at 1.2GHz and have good camera results but the price is quite enough hope this mobile will become popular in the market soon.
By: Shumaila Khurram, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
After the iphone 4s I have this iphone 7 device which iOS 10.0.1 version. Using first time this version and feel that there is much changes especially while browsing internet.
By: ali, khi on May, 17 2018
Apple iPhone 7 this smartphone has the latest camera which can capture the video before the capturing the pictures moments which I never seen before on any smartphone
By: Hammad, Ka on May, 14 2018
Apple iPhone 7 I am using this smartphone and I am really satisfied with the performance of this smartphone which is literally amazing
By: Sameed, karachi on May, 08 2018
nice video
By: Murtaza Ali, Pak on Apr, 15 2018
Apple iphone 7 working is better now with this smart phone PC what I have and can easily give me the best support of using applications
By: noshad, karachi on Apr, 02 2018
I want to buy this no.03450372553
By: Shoaib Ahsan, Hyderabad on Mar, 30 2018
Apple iPhone 7 the brilliant smartphone of all time for the people who are using the Apple brand and has the best camera result we need
By: Ashir, Karachi on Mar, 29 2018

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