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Apple iPhone 8 Plus has a very brilliant camera result with good battery timing. I bought this cellphone because of its camera quality because I am very concerned about taking pictures.
By: Jawwad, bhawalpur on Aug, 09 2018
Apple iPhone 8 series was a biggest failure for the apple company. I could even remember no one was available at Apple store to purchase this set at the time of launch.
By: Ghufran, lahore on Aug, 01 2018
It has the everything perfect of apple iPhone 8 plus that has the huge its own Belton memory that gives the great performance after saving many data
By: alia, faislabad on Jul, 30 2018
New Apple iPhone 8 is quite fascinating cellphone with exceptional features. A very light cellphone with splendid camera quality. Internal storage is also quite sufficient for high cellphone users.
By: Farzan, Karachi on Jul, 27 2018
Apple iPhone 8 Plus is the most user-friendly and most stylish cellphone. But the reason is why would I pay same if I can buy Apple X within this range. Colors are also very limited.
By: Abdul Moiz, Rawalpindi on Jul, 23 2018
For the good performance this is the first choice of me to buying the smartphone because it has the good operating system what we want
By: Kabeer, lahore on Jul, 17 2018
Good iPhone 8 plus mobile i bought this 10 vision i want in 90 thousand if give the company direct.
By: Azizullahkhanniazi, Sultan khel essa khel mianwali punjob Pakistan. on Jul, 14 2018
Apple iPhone 8 Plus with some new features we have this smartphone which has everything we just want for the good performance of the applications we just need
By: Muneeb, Karachi on Jul, 13 2018
iPhone 8 Plus is a popular mobile in Pakistan because of its dashing look, simplicity and slim look, but the drawback of this phone is that it has a version of kit kat you have to update it in lollipop or in marshmallow.
By: Nimra Khan, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
This mobile has an awesome features iPhone 8 Plus has an internal memory of 1.5 GB which means that this mobile will never hang on any heavy-duty application. I am going to buy this smart mobile phone.
By: Mühámmád Jünäïd, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
I think only the display size is the main difference between iPhone 8 Plus and iPhone 8. Let see which one will be an expensive device between these two in Pakistani price.
By: Hiba Khan, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
Look at the edges of this iPhone 8 Plus which make this device more unique and stylish as well the specs of this phone shows that it such a great invention of iPhone, I just wonder to see the internal memory of this phone.
By: Dharmpal Kumar, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
Apple iPhone 8 Plus this smartphone has the very good functions and has the amazing functions for the good functionality with all supported apps
By: Asim, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Apple iPhone 8 Plus the best smartphone which has the very good experience and the large screen of the best collection of the more apps we would love to use
By: Aqdas, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
The best version of IOS which is available on iphone 8 plus phone,love to use because I recently upgraded it. Apple also bring a long battery in this phone.
By: ali, khi on Jun, 28 2018
Without get any trouble now we easily get use this device with the best battery standby as everyone can expect that in the best smart phone
By: arham, Karachi on Jun, 20 2018
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By: Abdul Hakeem, Kuala , Malaysia on Jun, 18 2018
Apple iPhone 8 looks incredible with the very huge space of the memory and has the great large screen with the bets resolution what I have seen in video
By: Kashan, Karachi on May, 30 2018
For the best speed of the operating system with all the great functions which can support every kind of the apps you would like to install this time like the iPhone 8 Plus
By: Haseeb, Karachi on May, 22 2018
I prefer Iphone 8 Plus smart phone after checking the prices of both iphone 8 and iphone 8 plus on this Web because there is no any big difference in the price although the specs and features are much differ from each other.
By: ali, khi on May, 15 2018
Apple iPhone 8 this is the smartphone which announced the Face Recognition technology first in the entire world and now it is common every smartphone
By: Nadeem, Karachi on May, 14 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus is here for you! I have already purchased this device, and trust me it totally worth it. Loved it to the core. I just can't tell how much excited I am to use it. It is certainly the best device to ask for.
By: Raheel, Karachi on May, 10 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus is definately the best phone to date. I can't get enough of it. Love it to the core. The best thing about this device is its larger screen and better battery life than the iPhone 8 version.
By: Omair, Lahore on May, 09 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus is certainly the phone of dreams. It is made for tech savvy people who believes in having every feature to support their daily life activities. But, this one is special. It is unique.
By: Bilquis, Islamabad on May, 09 2018
Certainly, my preference is to remain on Apple device after using he iphone 6. Like me there is no any Apple user who prefer the Android based phones. My next target is to purchase Iphone 8 Plus.
By: jahangir, khi on May, 09 2018
The apple iPhone 8 plus is the amazing smart phone of the big brand that has the everything perfect who we expect that
By: sayqa, karachi on May, 08 2018
iPhone 8 Plus is better in red than all colours
By: Salma, Isb on May, 08 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus is certainly larger than life for me. It is gifted to me by my mother on my birthday. This phone has amazing special features and I cant get anything better than this.
By: Parveen, Karachi on May, 08 2018
Comparing this iPhone 8 Plus with my iphone 8 and noting that the display is quiet wide and large and the 12 MP camera give brings some extra features which make it differ from my device.
By: kinza, khi on May, 07 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus is certainly the best phone for me. It is special for me because it has been my favorite device as it was gifted by my beloved younger sister sometime back. Loved all the features of iphone 8.
By: Urwa, Karachi on May, 07 2018
I have iPhone 8 Plus phone in white color, noting the battery backup of this phone is not much better which I need, especially when I start browsing on this device but the thing which make it strong its dual camera.
By: hassan, khi on May, 07 2018
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By: Darius, USA on May, 06 2018
No hanging problem and no stuck issues what you have on the heavy smartphones by the other companies what you have here
By: naseem, karachi on Apr, 02 2018
With the large screen and the amazing price the Apple iPhone 8 is one of the best smartphone for me I just bought it because of its higher configuration
By: Qasim, Karachi on Mar, 29 2018
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By: Imran Sami, Taunsa shareef on Mar, 28 2018
iPhone 8 plus is better than samsung s9. look wise as well as speed wise
By: saleem, islamabad on Mar, 28 2018
With the help of this smart phone of apple iPhone 8 plus who has the everything perfect and this is the only device who beat the every devices
By: hasham, islamabad on Mar, 28 2018
This is looking so good smarts phone of apple 8 plus that is quite different then another smart phone because it has the everything perfect
By: anam, Karachi on Mar, 20 2018
Apple iPhone 8 plus is the best smartphone with all the great features and has the amazing price what we could easily use for the heavy applications
By: anam, karachi on Mar, 13 2018
i av 7 pus but soon i will repace it with my big bro 8 plus :P
By: @khanpersian50, lahore on Mar, 13 2018

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