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Apple iPhone 8

The iPhone 8 is one of the phones that was released without any hype and with least excitement in the history of iPhone. This was the silent competition if the famous big brother iPhone X. This phone is for those users who can’t commit to the big changes in the iPhone X. It is a decent device that lacks evolution compared to iPhone 7 that is excellent in some areas.


The iPhone 8 is very similar to the iPhone 7 visually with rounded corners, curved edges, and a home button. This comes with a glass rear body for design and functionality purpose due to the wireless charging feature. The evident shortcoming with glass back is that it makes the device fragile. iPhone claims the short back claiming this is the most brittle glass ever. Get a sturdy iPhone case before getting this one.


It comes 4.7 inch screen with a 720p resolution with True Tone – a feature which dynamically alters the display’s white balance depending on the lighting of your surroundings.


Performance & Software

The iPhone 8 runs A11 Bionic processor, which is Apple’s more impressive processor yet. It has an impact on everything going under-the-hood from the way iOS runs app to the how it balances the battery. The iPhone 8 has the 2GB of RAM although iPhone big devices usually come with 1 GB of additional RAM in their larger phones. No matter what it is a powerful device. The iPhone 8 runs iOS11 unlike every other iPhone that can update. It has completely rebuilt the control center, native apps have been spruced up and then there is AR support.


The first thing we noticed it is that iPhone 8 lacks dual camera set up but none the less it is one of the best camera we have used. The 12MP back camera with F/1.8 aperture, optical image stabilization and HDR. It captures great shots in various lighting conditions both indoor and outdoor. There is a 7MP front facing camera with an F/2.2 aperture which works perfectly for selfies.


Battery life & Wire-less Charging

The most disappointing feature was the battery life of iPhone 8 as it comes with smaller battery. To counteract this feature Apple added fast charging support which lets you to charge up to 50% in 30 minutes. Then there is also wireless charging support with Qi standards which was made possible through the glass back. The phone runs all day for heavy users so you can go out and about with a full charged phone.


The only drawback is the same old ageing shell but apart from this it is a great phone with excellent performance, lots of power, nice screen and comes with a home button as well. If you are not ready to commit with the drastic changes made by iPhone X than this is the phone for you. It retails for around PKR 90490 to PKR 114500 which is on pricey side.

Apple iPhone 8 User Reviews & Feedback

I have heard many people not liking it for its design but honestly if i talk about myself, its simple and sophisticated design is something that made me pay extra when i was only in a position to afford iphone 7.
By: Kamran, Lahore on Oct, 10 2018
The best thing I like about this cell phone after using it personally its photo and video editor option. Fast charge technology in this cell phone is also very impressive.
By: Rehan, hyderabad on Oct, 08 2018
This is the only smart phone of apple iPhone 8 that stand on mine expectation that has the great battery standby with the amazing abilities
By: eeman, islamabad on Oct, 04 2018
I have been using Apple IPHONE 8 since few months back and I am very satisfied with its performance. The best thing I liked about this cell phone is its amazing camera quality and reasonable price.
By: Imran, lahore on Oct, 01 2018
A 78 000 Apple iPhone 8 in 2018, is this really worth the price tag or should i just buy the cheaper Samsung Galaxy S8?
By: Aiman, Karachi on Sep, 18 2018
If i talk about the processor all alone, i bet I phone 8 has no competition, though i wish it had a 3.5mm audio jack.
By: Imran , Karachi on Sep, 18 2018
The feature that literally magnetizes people about Iphone 8 is the wireless charging option. No wonder, the more you spend, the more quality you are guaranteed to enjoy!
By: Faizan, abbotabad on Sep, 15 2018
The Apple Bionic A11 chip is still faster than any Snapdragon SOC on the market, as a Apple user i will still recommend buying this phone after an year
By: Khalid, Karachi on Sep, 14 2018
The apple phone 8 available the many reliable abilities that the everyone like to use that with the good performance device
By: haris, Karachi on Sep, 08 2018
iPhone8 64 gb white color 10/10 condition with all accessories & box 3 months warranty demand 72000 Contact at 03364027225 Lahore/Kasur
By: Abdulwahab Sandhu, Lahore/Kasur on Sep, 07 2018
After using the apple iphone 8 for a while, we are left with mostly positive
impressions. The phone contains a nice worth. It’s build terribly solidly, it’s a
cool screen with little bezels, and that we square measure significantly
affected with premium feel of the show glass.
By: Wajeeha, jalalpur on Sep, 01 2018
Apple iPhone 8 resembles a lot of OPPO cellphones but have many exciting features. A very effective Auto focus technology has been introduced by APPLE in this handset and amazing internal storage.
By: Abdullah, Multan on Aug, 30 2018
This is the amazing device of apple iPhone 8 who give us the faster speed that everyone expect that in the best smart phone so now we don’t have to get use any slow device ever
By: sobia, lahore on Aug, 29 2018
I used this cellphone Apple iPhone 8 for more than three months and then I gave it to my father because of its not impressive looks. But my father is very satisfied with its performance and looks.
By: Daniyal, Karachi on Aug, 26 2018
Apple iPhone 8 resembles more of iPhone 6. I would not recommend this cellphone as its features does not worth its price. One can wait and opt for Apple 9 or for Apple X when it launches.
By: Junejo, sukkhur on Aug, 22 2018
I would suggest Apple to bring cellphone with no home button just like iPhone X new model. Although this cellphone is very fascinating, but its home button has ruin its physical looks.
By: Abdullah, Karachi on Aug, 19 2018
I just saw this smartphone by my friend and he use some new applications
with it which looks very fast working more than my smartphone
By: Unza, Bahawalpur on Aug, 10 2018
For more amazing functionality this smartphone can updates itself with the
very good speed of the RAM what we exactly want
By: Elaf, Sharjah on Aug, 10 2018
The biggest flaw I find in cellphones nowadays is that their durability has weaken due to their non-removable battery system. I must suggest company not to bring this option in their cellphones.
By: Farah, texilla on Aug, 09 2018
Apple iPhone is the most friendly user cellphone Apple has ever produced. Camera quality of this cellphone is also very remarkable and it also supports wireless charging.
By: Hashim, kashmir on Aug, 01 2018
This is the fabulous smart phone of apple iPhone 8 with the great software that is able to gives the great perfo0rmnce every tie with the amazing speed
By: azra, Karachi on Jul, 30 2018
APPLE is one of the most respectable and popular brands around the globe. Battery timing is one of the key reason for this company getting successful as well as camera quality. IPHONE 8 must be favorable for people who doesn’t like to charge their cellphone again and again.
By: Saad, Rawal pindi on Jul, 27 2018
Problem with Apple iPhone 8 it is flawed time of launch. Reason being iPhone 10 was launch within a week of iPhone 8’s launch. Even though the prices were almost same and why would I choose inferior version if I am spending same amount of money.
By: Ahmer, Hyderabad on Jul, 23 2018
For the long time Data Usage I just go with this smartphone which has the best services what we want for the great output of the applications
By: neha, faislabad on Jul, 17 2018
I don’t like iPhone 8, after watch the ad of this phone I purchase this phone but you know the keypad of this phone is quiet difficult to write the text. I will definitely change it.
By: Mudasir Rafiq, karachi on Jul, 17 2018
Apple iPhone 8 this is the great smartphone which has the amazing information with all kind of features we just need in our smartphone now
By: Sarib, Karachi on Jul, 13 2018
The look of Apple iphone 8 is decent but the main reason to buy this phone is IOS version which is 10.0.1 I am just wondering to think how fast this device is working, I love it.
By: Sunny Shah, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
Pink Gold color is looking unique which I see first time in iPhone 8. The color and the specs of iPhone 8 make my mind to purchase this device if it is available in one year warranty.
By: Saurabh Solanki, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
What should be the rates of my iPhone 8 device which condition is quite good but its battery backup is just four hours without talk time? I am willing to purchase iPhone 8 phone that is why I decide to sell.
By: Aisha Noman, karachi on Jul, 12 2018
Apple iPhone 8 is looking very great smartphone which allow me to use the best applications with the brilliant data management what I need
By: Adil, Karachi on Jul, 11 2018
Apple iPhone 8 this smartphone is amazing which allow the face recognition with the very good experience of the unlocking smartphone we need
By: Hassam, Karachi on Jun, 30 2018
Its my first IOS, still feel confusion when I check the option of wireless charging in this beautiful Iphone 8 about how to use its various features like iCloud cloud services.
By: waqar, khi on Jun, 28 2018
This amazing smart phone of apple iPhone 8 that give us the great performance that we have never used before in the another smart phone
By: saman, lahore on Jun, 20 2018
Camera result is really awesome you cannot compare the camera of the iPhone 8 from any other smartphone yet because it has some new features in camera
By: Hamdan, Karachi on May, 30 2018
This is the amazing device of apple iPhone 8 that provide us the good performance with the great camera result with the bright flash light
By: anees, Panjab on May, 22 2018
Apple has the great functionality in their smartphones in their Tablets and as you can see they first launched face recognition in their smartphone like the iPhone 8
By: Karman, Karachi on May, 22 2018
Well, the front and back glass and aluminum body helps to enhance the beauty of this Apple Iphone 8 which I really like as well the specs is all better than the previous models, I love it.
By: raza, khi on May, 15 2018
I am using this smartphone and it looks pretty amazing because this smartphone has the amazing functions with the really good speed of the Ram and the wide rare color screen
By: Sami, Karachi on May, 14 2018
Apple iPhone 8 is my all time fav one. Since it was launched few months back, I was all excited to own it. Loved every spec of it to the core. I can't express my happiness to you guys.
By: Parveen, Islamabad on May, 10 2018
Apple iphone 8 has been recently used by my elder sister. She got it as a birthday gift.I also used this phone sometimes in emergency. So far, the experience is really good. It is certainly for tech savvy users like my sister.
By: r, Rawalpindi on May, 09 2018

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