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Apple iPhone 8 REVIEWS

Rs. 81,000

Apple iPhone 8

User Reviews & Feedback

Apple iPhone 8 the best smartphone with some extra features which apple never announced before and has the good functionality we will love
By: Kameel, Karachi on Jan, 22 2018
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Apple iPhone8 with the some extra features and the heavy RAM which is we need for the reliability of the software’s we need to run in it
By: Akam, Karachi on Jan, 17 2018
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This apple iPhone 8 has the good battery standby that the peoples need to use that whole day so now we don’t have to worry about that
By: aneela, karachi on Jan, 15 2018
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Apple has demonstrated that you can without much of a stretch get all the more
energizing highlights in sensible cost also. Like the iPhone 6 is providing for its users.
By: Kinza, Attock on Jan, 11 2018
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Apple iPhone 8 has a big HD screen who everyone wants to use that because in HD screen see the movies looking very nice
By: samia, Kafrachi on Jan, 08 2018
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Apple iPhone 8 the smartphone which has the good services and the updated software’s what you want for using it on the best way you need
By: Kashif, Karachi on Jan, 04 2018
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Buy the new amazing iPhone 8 which has the amazing look and the great camera resu7lt what you really want and this is the best thing you have here
By: Ashir, Karachi on Jan, 01 2018
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This device of apple iPhone 8 that is reliable and also very helpful for using due to the many specialties which the everyone can easily use that
By: havia, Karachi on Dec, 30 2017
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Just look at the new iPhone 8 with all the extra specs what you exactly need amazing camera result the better look which you expect to have
By: Saleem, Karachi on Dec, 28 2017
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This apple iPhone 8 is the brilliant device that has the best hd screen resolution and the malty touch display that make this device so nice
By: ameena, lahore on Dec, 26 2017
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I have dependably been a certifiable admirer of Apple in light of the way that it gives me
the best ever telephone structure that no other adaptable is giving starting late like this
whipping Apple IPhone 8.
By: Omaha, Denver on Dec, 25 2017
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nice phone
By: ali, 92 on Dec, 20 2017
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This is the best device ever and the many peoples are wetting to stablished this mobile of apple iPhone 8 who has the everything perfect and the many new things are also available in it
By: zareen, islamabad on Nov, 28 2017
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I has the best device who is all stand at mine expectations otherwise before I used the many mobiles who didn’t give me the good performance what I want
By: farooq, islamabad on Nov, 25 2017
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This is exactly what user want to use because its faster Operating system allow to use the best heavy application’s in this iPhone 8
By: Dani, Karachi on Oct, 28 2017
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Apple iPhoen 8 has some new features like the like the big screen and the long lasting battery what people for the IOS developers in the new phone
By: Hamamd, karachi on Oct, 16 2017
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Apple iPhone 8 looks amazing smartphone with the unlimited features you will definitely love in it in the bigger size which will give you the more high resolution of video streaming
By: samia, Karachi on Oct, 11 2017
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New original Apple iPhone 8 cost 60.000 PKR
Apple iPhone 7 plus cost 55.000 PKR,
New original Samsung note 8 cost 60.000 PKR.
Samsung s8 and s8 plus cost 55.000 PKR
playstaion 4 1TB 16,000PKR


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By: Amira, Karachi on Oct, 01 2017
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ahm ahm… Iphone 8 is the mobile phone model which my elder brother gifted to his wife on their 22nd wedding anniversary just few days ago…. Well I am so amazed to read its features here.
By: bilal, khi on Sep, 27 2017
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New original Apple iPhone 8 and 8 plus cost 600USD. come with 1year warranty,

iPhone 7 and 7 plus cost 550USD, serious buyer should contact us.

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By: Hassan, Punjab on Sep, 27 2017
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iPhone 8 has the new applications with more Ram and the new L.C.D with the water resistance technology what you extremely want
By: Raheel, Karachi on Sep, 25 2017
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Many peoples are wetting to come out this device of iPhone 8 that has the exclusive features and the everything available in it
By: huma, islamabad on Sep, 20 2017
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I have the good choice to get the information about any device information with their actual price which I can’t get that form the another site
By: samia, Karachi on Sep, 19 2017
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Many peoples are wetting to established this mobile phone of iPhone 8 that get excite to everyone because this brand every mobile has the amazing abilities then another’s
By: ramia, Karachi on Sep, 18 2017
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iPhone 8 is quiet same as the iPhone 7 so you don’t really have to go with it because all the features are same and look only change in the new iPhone 8
By: Azam, Karachi on Sep, 14 2017
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The 2 GB RAM which I am checking in the specs of this iphone 8 is only available in this device. I am the iphone user and I have an old device by apple but this time I decide to give the order of Apple iphone 8.
By: farooq, khi on Sep, 14 2017
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Stylish and unique in terms of technical aspects, this amazing phone has lot to talk about. I was waiting for its launch since quite sometime and now I am all glad to access the features of this Apple iPhone 8. Please mention the price as well.
By: Gulnaz, Karachi on Sep, 14 2017
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This is the only device that is not available in the market and many peoples wants to us that but we keep wetting to establish this device in the market
By: samra, islamabad on Sep, 13 2017
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The IOS version of Apple iphone 8 and iphone X is similar but the display of iphone 8 is 4.7 inches in size. The 3D Touch display & home button make it different from the previous model of Iphones.
By: dawood, khi on Sep, 13 2017
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Apple iphone 8 is looking more advance as comparison to my iphone 7, I am using this device because I love IOS devices. I will definitely buy it when I change my device next time.
By: hassan, khi on Sep, 12 2017
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This is the best mobile ever who beat the all smart phones so far but this is not establish now so we still wetting to come out this device very eagerly
By: nosheen, quetta on Sep, 11 2017
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Apple iPhone 8 is surely going to break all the previous records in terms of sales and appreciation from masses. It is promised to be the most amazing device ever launched. Lets hope to see it soon in Pakistan
By: Yasir, Lahore on Sep, 11 2017
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Can anyone please tell me about the launch date of Apple iPhone 8 and from where can we get this awesome device from in Pakistan? I am waiting anxiously for this most anticipated device!
By: Rida, Karachi on Sep, 11 2017
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Like the specs, more importantly the camera with high resolution is necessary for my requirement. I think this Iphone 8 is the device which camera and specs are just according to my requirement. I love Iphone 8.
By: hassan, khi on Sep, 10 2017
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Iphone 8 comes with different internal storage but I personally feel interest to purchase this gadget in 32 GB, 4.7 inches display give this device decent look which I really like.
By: farooq, multan on Sep, 10 2017
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Please upload its unboxing video
As soon as possible
By: irfan, shakargarh on Aug, 20 2017
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Very bad technology
By: Kamran, Karachi on Jul, 22 2017
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5.8inches Old 4K display and 3&4 Gigs of ram %32/64/128/&256Gb of internal storage and amazing curved display and stylish look and the specs is wrong please correct the information.
By: Umer, Karachi on Jul, 07 2017
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Fool desires
World best mobile is nokia 3310
I love it and also use it
By: Asif RaZa , Bahawalpur on May, 08 2017
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It’s looking very nice from its screen who has the best HD display with smooth touch and jelly beans and I really like it’s this specialty
By: nirmas, lahore on Mar, 03 2017
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