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Check Apple iPhone XS Max reviews and video reviews. Get all information about the Apple iPhone XS Max features and specifications. The Apple iPhone XS Max review gives a better idea about the mobile phone’s performance. Get in-depth analysis of phone’s screen size, processor, RAM, camera resolution, and battery timing through Apple iPhone XS Max video review.

Apple iPhone XS Max

Price: Rs. 169,999

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3174 mAh
12 MP + 12 MP
64 GB 4 GB RAM

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That smartphone which has the really good features and has the amazing functions we need, its camera setup is awesome and speed of RAM is nice!
By: zaara, peshawar on Sep, 07 2020
it has very good resolution quality and its display is amazing . it has very great specification and features.. i really like it design and bright colours
By: bilal , khi on Nov, 19 2019
Aoa guys I have xs max 256 hn just box opened packed acc not used more then 1 day 175000
By: Zohaib ali, Lahore on May, 19 2019
With the very good quality of the smartphone iPhone best many of the apple operating system because of its great application performance
By: narmeen, panjaab on Apr, 13 2019
My father recently purchase great in china great smartphone good experience nice specification and features
By: Zafar, Islamabad on Mar, 15 2019
such an amazing device ....A name of tchnology is ? i phone x max
By: ahmad ali, lahore on Feb, 08 2019
Nice 👍
By: Sulman Iqbal , Multan on Jan, 04 2019
By: Muzafar ulhussan , Islamabad on Dec, 21 2018
Apple iphone xs max has an amazing camera quality. Apart from that internal
storage capacity is also very sufficient.
By: Jameel, w` on Dec, 03 2018
This apple iPhone xs max is the nice device of the big brand that is able to give the great performance without get any trouble with the long life battery standby
By: ammara, lahore on Nov, 30 2018
This is looking so nice smart phone of apple iphone xs max that has the good camera
result with the front back both camera as everyone need to use that
By: Wajeeh, Rawalpindi on Nov, 25 2018
Although the price of this cellphone is very much high but each attribute of this cellphone is sufficient enough to justify its price.
By: Fayyaz, lahore on Nov, 25 2018
This is the perfect device of apple iPhone xs max with the good reliable abilities and the faster speed of their in apple iPhone xs max
By: rafia, multan on Nov, 22 2018
I took this cellphone from my college friend to check its performance I was completely impressed with the quality of this cellphone.
By: Kaif, karachi on Nov, 18 2018
I am not very much impressed with the battery timing of Apple cellphone and according to me Apple must improve their battery timing.
By: Khawar, Texila on Nov, 15 2018
Just check out the best smartphone specs here with the amazing rates you can easily afford and expect to have in this new year what you want
By: warda, islamabad on Nov, 15 2018
Get the best joy of the latest android version from the Apple iPhone xs max which is the great smartphone of all time and has the very good speed what we love
By: eeamn, islamabad on Nov, 11 2018
I have heard that the only difference between the Apple iPhone XS and the Apple iPhone XS Max is the larger screen size, this definitely doesn't justify the cost
By: Haseeb, Karachi on Nov, 11 2018
I really want to buy the Apple iPhone XS Max but this price is so high. Will this be cheaper in the US?. I have a cousin coming in and i can just ask him to get it for me
By: Burhan, Lahore on Nov, 10 2018
These cellphone are available in the market more than the price written at the top because of rupee depreciation against dollars.
By: Younis, Quetta on Nov, 09 2018
Apple iPhones have very poor battery timing and their processor even get slow once the model is obsolete.
By: Haris, attock on Nov, 07 2018
Apple iPhone XS MAX is currently one of the most top featured cellphone currently being traded in the market. I would highly suggest those who can afford to buy it.
By: Danish, karachi on Nov, 06 2018
I am very obsessed with APPLE IPHONE XS MAX looks and I find its features very interesting as well. I would have definitely bought it if I would have afford it.
By: Asad, karachi on Nov, 04 2018
Is the Super AMOLED screen on the Apple iPhone XS Max any good?. Is it as good as the one made by Samsung?
By: Afnan, Karachi on Nov, 04 2018
I wish I could afford this cellphone XS MAX. It has amazing updated features which is enough to justify its price.
By: Afzal, lahore on Nov, 02 2018
I wish I could have afforded this cellphone. Amazing cellphone having very impressive display screen amazing camera result.
By: Farhad, Quetta on Oct, 29 2018
512 GB of iPhone XS MAX is very impressive and insane. I wonder how APPLE can provide these features within this range.
By: Akeel, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
Phone that raises brows at first but disappoints the closer you get to it since it has no dual sim, weak memory and weak ram prone to hang a lot.
By: Hafeez, Gujranwala on Oct, 29 2018
My friend has the Apple iPhone XS Max, he just bought it and i let me use it for a bit. I really loved it.
By: Shayan, Rawalpindi on Oct, 28 2018
I am tired of my old iPhone 6 Plus and thinking of upgrading, currently i am considering the iPhone XS Max or the S10
By: Naseem, Rawalpindi on Oct, 26 2018
Is this price for the 512gb version of the Apple iPhone XS Max or for the 64gb? and does it only come in 4gb ram?
By: Usman, Rawalpindi on Oct, 25 2018
Too much expensive
By: Adnan sohail, London on Oct, 24 2018
I can rate this cellphone as one of the best cellphone in century. I really admire its shape and looks which is very easy to carry.
By: Moin, karachi on Oct, 22 2018
For 1.7 lakh Pakistani rupees i expected at least 6 gb of ram. With only 4 gb of ram how is this a good purchase?
By: Alina, Hyderabad on Oct, 22 2018
Wow this phone is really amazing :)
By: huraira, Karachi on Oct, 21 2018
These cellphone are available in the market more than the price written at the top because of rupee depreciation against dollars.
By: Taiyaba, karachi on Oct, 20 2018
I took this cellphone from my college to check its performance I was completely impressed with the quality of this cellphone.
By: Amir, karachi on Oct, 19 2018
By: shahnawaz , jacobabad on Oct, 19 2018
Very sophisticated and stylish cellphone. Price of this cellphone has increased in the market but I will wait for it to come in my range.
By: Humayun, Bhawalpur on Oct, 17 2018
IPHONE XS MAX prices have been reduced in the market. People still have a better opportunity to buy this wonder cell phone.
By: Atif, rawalpindi on Oct, 16 2018

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