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By: Khalid, Lahore on Jan, 22 2019
Iphone XR for sale just unbox at 19 Dec with one year warranty that can be checked on Apple web.Only Serious buyer contact.With face time and PTA approved. 03077616692
By: Danish, Lahore on Dec, 29 2018
I would have liked if the apple iphone xs 2019 phone had the 4k display. The 1080p
display is really low resolution
By: Ghina, Attock on Dec, 03 2018
The good display having in this smart phone that attract to everyone for using it to watch everything in it with the great screen resolution with the malty colors
By: anoosha, lahore on Nov, 30 2018
Apple iphone xs the good smartphone which has the amazing performance and the
fine result of the camera which I need to use and expect to have here
By: Nasreen, Mandi on Nov, 25 2018
Camera quality of this cellphone is very much amazing and but the only problem which holds me from buying Apple products in their poor battery timing.
By: Amir, karachi on Nov, 22 2018
The huge Belton memory in this device if apple iPhone xs that give us the good facilities in this device in the reasonable price of their
By: haris, Karachi on Nov, 22 2018
I have heard that the battery timing of this series aren’t that much impressive. These cellphone do have fast charge technology but gets annoying sometimes.
By: Abdul Razzak, Sialkot on Nov, 18 2018
Looks of this cellphone is very much dashing and full of attitude. One can change his/her social status by buying these types of gadget.
By: Yasir, Abbottabad on Nov, 15 2018
Buy the Apple iPhone xs in the minimum rates from the market because of the new-year from many of the website which is selling smartphones
By: ushaba, panjab on Nov, 15 2018
apple iPhone xs this smartphone is really better in the name of the good performance because I am using it and I don’t have any complain t related to this smartphone
By: nayab, islamabad on Nov, 11 2018
The Apple iphone Xs is a really good phone, though it is a little expensive compared to other phones but you won't get a build like this
By: Maham, Karachi on Nov, 11 2018
Even thought we have a lot of 3 or 4 camera phones none of them takes as good a picture as the Apple iphone Xs. The is for all those photography lovers
By: Rauf , Islamabad on Nov, 09 2018
IPHONE XS is very limited in the market and shop keepers are charging according to their own will. This is because of high dollar rate in Pakistan.
By: Hazrat, karachi on Nov, 09 2018
I would prefer to buy Apple iPhone XS MAX rather than going for this one as XS MAX is providing more features with just minimal increased in price.
By: Mariam, karachi on Nov, 06 2018
4 GB ram of Apple IPHONE XS is very impressive and insane. I wonder how APPLE can provide these features within this range.
By: Fawwad, Kasur on Nov, 04 2018
For about 150000 rupee i would think that the Apple iphone Xs would have more than 12mp worth a camera
By: Sarah, Islamabad on Nov, 04 2018
Looks of this cellphone is very fascinating whereas features of this cellphone is also very much impressive.
By: Jahan, Multan on Nov, 02 2018
Battery timing of Apple products are not very much effective. The only factor which stops me from buying apple cellphone is their poor battery.
By: Faiq, Islamabad on Oct, 29 2018
I am very impressed with Apple iPhone XS advertisement. In display finger print technology is very efficient and innovative.
By: Naphice, karachi on Oct, 29 2018
A much better Apple phone keeping up to their tradition of beauty and high tech features, elegant sleek design and 512 GB memory adding to that a brilliant camera will surely be loved.
By: Shahyan , karachi on Oct, 29 2018
Is the Apple iphone Xs much of an improvement on the original iphone X?. I have the iphone X and want to upgrade
By: Khanzada, Lahore on Oct, 28 2018
I really want the Apple iPhone XS but it is so expensive man, are there used versions available which are cheaper?.
By: Jamal, Islamabad on Oct, 26 2018
A lot of people may not agree with the 12mp main camera on the Apple iPhone XS but still remember iPhones always take amazing pictures
By: Yousuf, Jamshoro on Oct, 25 2018
Camera quality of apple cellphone are magnificent. Apart from this, their cellphones are very user-friendly.
By: Yahya, lahore on Oct, 22 2018
I have heard so much about the Apple A12 Bionic in the iPhone XS. It is the faster smart phone processor on the market
By: Aalif, Abu Dhabi on Oct, 22 2018
IPHONE XS is very limited in the market and shop keepers are charging according to their own will. This is because of high dollar rate in Pakistan.
By: Zain dhehdi, karachi on Oct, 20 2018
I have heard that the battery timing of this series aren’t that much impressive. These cellphone do have fast charge technology but gets annoying sometimes.
By: Jahanzeb, lahore on Oct, 19 2018
Fast charge technology in IPHONE X series has been very efficient. I really admire IPHONE for making these quality cellphones.
By: Fauzan, karachi on Oct, 17 2018
IPHONE XS is a very unprecedented cell phone with amazing features and quality. Camera of this cell phone is mind blowing.
By: Fayyaz, Faisalabad on Oct, 16 2018
Apple iPhone XS is very user friendly cell phone. Although it is expensive but also contains quality of features.
By: Hammad, karachi on Oct, 13 2018
Apple iPhone xs this smartphone has the extremely good functions which is acceptable for me and give me the amazing experience
By: sofia, islamabad on Oct, 13 2018
Really? the iPhone XS costs about 1.5 lakh? I can plan a vacation for this amount for 2 weeks. This is very expensive
By: Sifar, Multan on Oct, 12 2018
I am very shocked to hear that this cell phone doesn’t have portrait feature in its camera. So I don’t know why they are charging that much of amount.
By: Rehan, karachi on Oct, 10 2018
Apple iPhone XS has an amazing display screen which makes it very sophisticated and stylish. Apart from its price I am very impressed with this cell phone.
By: Ahmer, Mian wali on Oct, 08 2018
I would really appreciate Apple for making these types of cell phone. Although the price of this cell phone is out of my range but these cell phones are actually part of high status symbol.
By: Israr, Abbottabad on Oct, 06 2018
IPHONE XS is an amazing cell with very top quality features available in this handset. The best part of their new series is that their camera quality is too much amazing that it had replaced professional cameras.
By: Owais, karachi on Oct, 05 2018
Apple IPHONE XS has an amazing fast charging technology with QI wireless charging. Many innovations have been done by Apple in this cell phone so I must recommend buying this cell phone.
By: Yasir, karachi on Oct, 04 2018
It has the amazing battery timing what we have never used and expect before in our expectable device and the much more things that gentle to use it apple iPhone xs
By: anela, islamabad on Oct, 04 2018
is it true that it holds an LCD display as ive this from a lot of people? If this is true, i am sure XS will literally make its Android rivals go out of business.
By: Raju, karachi on Oct, 03 2018

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Apple iphone Xs Reviews

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