Best Wishes SMS Messages

Best Wishes SMS

I am looking forward to many more years of friendship and birthdays with you. Have a fantastic birthday!

Sender:Bushra Khan Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Dear Sir, you were the best teacher in school. You made learning so much fun. I still remember how we used to wait for your physics class. Wishing the world’s best teacher a very Happy Teachers’ Day!

Sender:Hina Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Best of Luck
For success to be there with you
in every walk of life.
May all the dreams that your heart
hold, dear, come true. And may each
day of life bring the Best For You.
All The Best

Sender:Bisma Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Banish all the negative thoughts from your mind. Approach your exams with lots of positivity. Do well and all the best.

Sender:Babar Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

I’ve really, really loved working with you, and I’m so happy you got the job you worked so hard for. Congratulations!

Sender:Taha Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Your wedding day will come and go, but may your love forever grow.

Sender:Emaan Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Wishing you all the best in life as you start your new journey. I that know you two are perfect for each other. Congratulations on your engagement!

Sender:Yaseen Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Happiness as light as air. Happiness as light as air.
Friends as solid as diamonds and
success as bright as gold.
These r my wishes 4 u today n everyday...

Sender:Yusra Date:18-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Never give up my son/daughter. You have the full ability to do any work perfectly. So keep working hard and follow your dream.

Sender:Zafar Iqbal Date:11-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

We dropped by to say
we will miss you lots!
All the best to you...

Sender:Ubaid Ali Date:11-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

I wish that all the days ahead be as happy as this day with many more reasons to celebrate a lifetime of happiness and love.

Sender:Sameena Khan Date:11-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Soon you will hear your wedding bell,
As friends and family wish you well!

Sender:Zafar Iqbal Date:11-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

I Wish 4 " U " I Wish 4 " U "
Great start 4 Monday
No Obstacles 4 Tuesday
No stress 4 Wednesday
No worry 4 Thursday
Smile 4 Friday
Party 4 Saturday
& Great fun 4 Sunday
"Have a beautiful and smart week."

Sender:Zahid Date:11-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Attending your classes was always like taking a deep dive into an ocean full of knowledge and wisdom. You are the best teacher ever! Thank you!

Sender:Zahid Date:05-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Study well and give the best shot in exam. You are the best and no subject can trouble you.

Sender:Ahmed Samad Date:05-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Good luck for your exam, I want you to perform well and score good marks in all subjects.

Sender:Rubab Date:05-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

It makes me so happy to watch you chase your dreams (and catch them)! Congratulations on your new job!

Sender:Umair Date:05-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Wishing you joy, love and happiness on your wedding day and as you begin your new life together."

Sender:Imran Date:05-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Congratulations to a wonderful couple! May this new adventure be the beginning of a long, healthy and happy life together.

Sender:Junaid Ali Date:05-01-2019
Best Wishes SMS

Sending you smiles for every moment of your special day…Have a wonderful time and a very happy birthday!”
“Hope your special day brings you all that your heart desires!

Sender:Azhar Date:12-11-2018

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