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Birthday Sms Messages

Birthday Sms

Step by Step the Journey Goes on,
Little by Little it May seem so Long.

Forget About Your Past, You can't change it,
Forget about your Future, You cant Predict it.
Just think about Present, You can Handle it.

Enjoy Presents Every Moment be Happy.
Happy Birthday Dear.

Sender:ghazal Date:19-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Million's of Greetings,
Thousands of Colors,
100s of Wishes,
Kilogram's of Sweets,
Lots of Smile,

That's What I wish for you.

Happy Birthday

Sender:deeba Date:19-04-2018
Birthday Sms

A Joyous Birthday with Fun and Friends,

A Happier Day with Gifts and Grands,

Where Wishing is a Trend,

I simply Pray for you My Friend,

Be the HAPPIEST Forever,

May you see this day, Again and Again.

Happy Birthday!

Sender:faryal Date:19-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Each year your birthday reminds me
That I really want to say
I'm very glad I know you;
I think of you each day.

I hope you enjoy your birthday,
All the pleasures it has in store,
And because I appreciate you,
I hope you have many more!

Sender:Ali Date:19-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Instead of counting candles,
Or tallying the years,
Contemplate your blessings now,
As your birthday nears.

Consider special people
Who love you, and who care,
And others who've enriched your life
Just by being there.

Think about the memories
Passing years can never mar,
Experiences great and small
That have made you who you are.

Another year is a happy gift,
So cut your cake, and say,
"Instead of counting birthdays,
I count blessings every day!"

Sender:Sana Date:19-04-2018
Birthday Sms

I'm wishing you another year
Of laughter, joy and fun,
Surprises, love and happiness,
And when your birthday’s done,

I hope you feel deep in your heart,
As your birthdays come and go,
How very much you mean to me,
More than you can know.

Sender:Sana Date:17-04-2018
Birthday Sms

There couldn't be a Better time to Wish Nice Time Things for U,

Beginning with a Birthday that's Happy all day through

And after that, the very best of Luck n Health n cheer,

And everything it takes to make a Very Happy Year


Sender:hira Date:17-04-2018
Birthday Sms

On your birthday I wish you much pleasure and joy;
I hope all of your wishes come true.
May each hour and minute be filled with delight,
And your birthday be perfect for you!

Sender:faiza Date:17-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Best wishes to you both on your birthday,
May the love that you share Last your lifetime through,
As you make a wonderful life.
Happy Birthday

Sender:jawed Date:17-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Somebody up there Loves you
Somebody down here cares for you
Some one is here to say u
Happy Birthday!!!

Sender:kausar Date:17-04-2018
Birthday Sms

In soft gleaming night of stars,
May all your dreams come true,
May every star of ever night,
Bring love-n-joy 2 you,

Happy birthday to you.

Sender:Hamza Date:16-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Congratulations to you, my old friend,
Birthday wishes to you, I do send.

You look good for your age, I could say,
But you look good to me any day.

When I look in the mirror, I sigh,
'Cause I know the mirror doesn't lie.

You're aging like me.

Sender:kashan Date:16-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Sending birthday blessings
Filled with love and peace and joy
Wishing sweetest things happen
Right before your eyes.
Happy Birthday

Sender:Sana Date:16-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Happy Birthday to U dear!

Aapko kya laga aap nhi bataogy tou hamy

pata nhi lagega k aaj

"International Donkey Day" hai

Naughty ab thanx bol k sharminda na karna

Sender:LAIBA Date:16-04-2018
Birthday Sms

A wish for you on your birthday, whatever you ask may you receive, whatever you seek may you find, whatever you wish may it be fulfilled on your birthday and always. Happy birthday

Sender:sahar Date:15-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Another adventure filled year awaits you. Welcome it by celebrating your birthday with pomp and splendor. Wishing you a very happy and fun-filled birthday

Sender:ghazal Date:15-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Happy birthday! I hope all your birthday wishes and dreams come true.
Happy Birthday

Sender:areebah Date:15-04-2018
Birthday Sms

A prayer:
2 bless ur way A wish :
2 lighten ur moments A cheer:
2 perfect ur day A text:

Sender:Zahid Date:14-04-2018
Birthday Sms


Sender:Ajwa Date:14-04-2018
Birthday Sms

Let the GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching u with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity 4 U, Wish you a super duper happy birthday.

Sender:veena Date:14-04-2018

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