Birthday Sms Messages

Birthday Sms

May your life remains Pure, Progressive, Powerful & Prosperous..
Enjoy your special day & celebrate your life.
Many many beautiful wishes on your birthday...
Heartfelt wishes on your Happy & Happening Birthday...!

Sender:Hassan Date:14-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Dreams give rise 2 hope.
Hope inspires efforts, Efforts results in Success So dreams r roots of success.
Let all your dreams cum true this birthday..
Happy Birthday

Sender:kausar Date:14-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Life is all about 3 things.Winning , Loosing & Sharing.
Wining others Heart. Loosing Bad Things & Sharing Happy Moments.
Happy Birth Day.

Sender:LAIBA Date:14-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Wishes of happiness especially for you,
Not just on your birthday but all the year through
Happy Birthday.

Sender:maaz Date:12-06-2018
Birthday Sms

I wish yoU simple pleasures in life.
Evergreen happiness.
A truly bright future.
Most of all I wish a Birthday.
Full of smiles and cheers.
Happy Birthday

Sender:irhaa Date:12-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Peace - 4 ur soul
Joy - 4 ur spirit
Love - 4 ur heart
May these all be ur gifts
Many-2 happy returns of D Day.

Sender:muneeb Date:12-06-2018
Birthday Sms

happy birthday

Sender:cvcvcv Date:11-06-2018
Birthday Sms

A birthday is a lovely flower that blooms in life's garden
& may that special blossom b bright especially today

Sender:vania Date:10-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Birthdays come once in a year;
And your's is quite near;
May God give you strength to bear;
The expense of hosting a party for all the dears!
A very happy birthday!

Sender:beenish Date:10-06-2018
Birthday Sms

May ur birthday bring
each special thing
that u have waited 4
& everyday ahead holds
lots of happiness in store..

Sender:mehreen Date:10-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Roses always stand 4 thoughts
& so these come 2 say,
T hat my wishes r wid U,
today & everyday
Happy Birthday...

Sender:noorain Date:10-06-2018
Birthday Sms

with warmest wishes on your birthday,wishing a day that loveliness from movement to movement , a life that holds happiness day after day , HAPPY BIRTH DAY

Sender:veena Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

If i could fulfill your hearts desires today, i will, but since i cant, i pray that your day will be filled with happiness, love, n greatness......
Happy Birthday n Many Returns

Sender:Noor Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

May your life b colourful day and night,
With love, happiness & Success of your right,
And God's choicest blessings b always there...
Happy Birthday to you

Sender:uzma Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Wishes of happiness especially 4 u,
Not just on ur birthday bt all the year through
Happy Birthday.

Sender:Noor Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

I wish you a beautiful day on your birthday. Your presence in my life always lifts my spirits. Have a lovely birthday!

Sender:nausheen Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

You kept saying “You can do better” and those words made me work harder. Today I am who I’ve become because you kept pushing, thank you.
Happy birthday teacher!

Sender:faiza Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Happy birthday to my lunch buddy,
who keeps me from going nutty!

Sender:Hassan Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

Happy birthday to my perfect husband, bringing so much joy and laughter into my life. May all your deepest dreams start coming true, honey!

Sender:nausheen Date:07-06-2018
Birthday Sms

You are the keystone of our family. Grandma I will always love you and I send you my warmest greetings for your birthday!

Sender:Mohammad Date:07-06-2018

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