Broken Heart SMS Messages

# 0393

The heart feels light when someone is IN IT,
But it feels very heavy when some LEAVES IT..
Broken Heart!!

# 0392

Ab nhi rakhty hum shoq e muhabbat..
Zalim duniya hy na jany kb dil tor dy..

# 0391

Pani pe naam likhte nahi,
pani pe naam tikte nahi,
loog kehte hai hum patthar dil hai ,
par patthar pe likhe naam kabhi mitt te nahi….

# 0390

Her us shakhs ny dil tora
Jis per humein naz tha.

# 0389

I Remember Him Not As The One Who Broke MY HEART..
As The One Who Taught Me How To Live With A broken heart.....!!

# 0388

Some broken heart, May Never Mend,

Some Memories May Never End,

Some Wet Tears May Never Dry,

But My Love For You Will Never Die..

# 0387

Maut Milti Hy Na Zindagi Milti Hy
Zindgi Ki Rahon Mein Bebasi Milti Hai
Rula Dety Hain Keyu Mere Apny
Jb Bhi Mujhy Koi Khushi Milti Hai

# 0386

Koi Aaj tak na Badal saka,
Ye Usool Gulshan-e-Zeest ka

Wo hi Phool Nazar-e-Khizaan Hoye,
Jisay Aitebar-e-Bahar tha..!!

# 0385

Suna Hai L0g Pyaar Mein Jaan Bhi De Dety Hain…..?
Lekin Jo Waqt Nahi Dety Woh “Jaan” Kya Dein Ge…..!!

# 0384

Tere Pyar Mein Humne Sara Jag Thukraya Hai,
Fir Bhi Tune Kadam-Kadam Per Sataya Hai,

Tu Apne Kasmein Vaadon Se Mukar Gayi,
Teri Berukhi Ne Mujhe Har Lamha Tadpaya Hai.

# 0383

Har sheeshe ke kismat main tasveer nahe hote,
Har kisi ke aik gese taqdeer nahe hote,
Kuch hote hain hain hum gese badnasseb FARAZ,
Jin k hathoon main muhhabbat ke lakeer nahe hote.

# 0382

A heart breaking isn’t always as loud as a bomb exploding
Sometimes it can b as quiet as a feather falling
& The most painful thing is,
no one really hears it except U.

# 0381

They said love is beautiful. If only I had known that love can be so traumatizing, I would have never let it in my heart.

# 0380

These tears that I cry may not mean nothing to anyone anymore but I still manage to overcome all those sad sorrows that lay beneath my skin.

# 0379

I wish there were a magical switch in my life that I could press to erase all the memories I have with you.

# 0378

$"*J/-\/-\]\[|" "€]\[J" "]\[/-\|" 27" "D/-\*"$

# 0377

To become broken heart person, love a person who doesn’t have a heart.

# 0376

If ever I knew that love will become reason of pain and destruction for me. I would never let my heart go.

# 0375

A broken heart is just like a curse, It will never go back to the mouth of person who gave it.

# 0374

.....%Muhabat ki nahi jati @.....

. J
Bas ho hi jati hai....;-(

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