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Broken Heart SMS Messages

Broken Heart SMS

If you don’t love me
at my worst
then you don’t deserve me
at my best.

Sender:Usama Date:17-10-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Nobody In The World
Can Have A Crystal Clear Heart.!!


Everyone's Heart Has Some Scratches
Scribbled By Their Dear Ones

Sender:ramsha Date:13-10-2017
Broken Heart SMS

A good cry
in the shower
is all you need,
to release
the pain that
has built up inside.

Sender:luqman Date:10-10-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Aaj Rutha Hua 1 Dost Yad Aaya,
Accha Guzra Hua Waqt Yad Aaya,
Jo Mere Dard Ko Sine Me Chupa
Leta Tha,
Aaj Jab Dard Hua To Wo Bhut Yad

Sender:ubaid Date:07-10-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Aaj ham unhe bewafa batakar aaye hai
Unke khaton ko pani mein baha kar aaye hai
Koi nikal kar padh na le unhe
Issliye pani mein bhi aag lagakar aaye hai…

Sender:hira Date:03-10-2017
Broken Heart SMS

I am broken in to two,
My heart already misses you.
How could you just leave?
From my heart you’ll never disappear.

Sender:bisma Date:29-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Jab Hui Thi Mohabbat To Laga Tha Koi Achy Kaam ka Asar Hai..

Na Khabar Thi Hamen K Gunahon Ki Aisi Bhi Saza Hoti Hai..!

Sender:wareesha Date:27-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Humara Haq To Nahi Pher B Tm Sy Yea Kehtay Hain......!!!!


Humari Zindagi Ly Lo Par Hum Sy Judaa Mat Hona....¡¡¡¡¡

Sender:Jam tanveer Date:23-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Aaj ham unhe bewafa batakar aaye hai
Unke khaton ko pani mein baha kar aaye hai
Koi nikal kar padh na le unhe
Issliye pani mein bhi aag lagakar aaye hai…

Sender:hamza Date:20-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Walking alone is not difficult
But when we have
walked a mile with someone

Then coming back alone
that is more DIFFICULT..!!

Sender:owais Date:18-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Single Truth Behind Every

"LOVE Hurts When
GOD Knows
...You Deserves Someone
Else ...."

Sender:laraib Date:14-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Don't show so much of love
on anyone
it creates a non-curable pain
when they avoid u.

Sender:ziyad Date:12-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Love Is An Easy To Pronounce Word,
At Least In English,

But Is Now Evident
That Your Words Never Matched Your Intentions.

It Must Have Been A Decoy
For A Grander Scheme,
Just To Have My Pants Down.

Sender:arshiya Date:09-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

De k bosa mujhe woh wasal men kehte hen....... "MEER"

Sach bta dil men tere aur b armaan hen k bsss?

Sender:wadiya Date:07-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Milega Waqt To Bulaunga Usay..

Us K Diye Zakhm Dikhaunga Usay..

Uski Ye Tamanna Bhi Puri Karunga Ik Roz,,

Jab Nikly Gi Akhri Saans To Bhool Jaunga Usay..!

Sender:lubna Date:05-09-2017
Broken Heart SMS

The hardest thing about being mature,

Is that u have t do what is right,

Weather its breaking ur heart.

Sender:ghazal Date:28-08-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Love Was Meant To Satisfy,
But You Have Proved Otherwise.
There Is No Excuse For Breaking My Heart Again,
Because This Is Where Our Journey Ends.

Sender:madeeha Date:24-08-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Jinhein bhulaney mein yaro, barey zamaney lagay
Jub dil dukha tou wohi loog yaad aney lagey

Sender:madeeha Date:22-08-2017
Broken Heart SMS

I wish I was one of your tear,
I would star in your eyes,
Live on your cheeks,
Die on your lips,
But if you were one of my tear,
I would never cry for
the fear of losing you..!!

Sender:kinza Date:18-08-2017
Broken Heart SMS

Kitny GhurOor Main Hai Wo mujhy
Tanaha ChOr kAr..!!

Q K Us MaloOm hAi Mery PaSs kOi
Or nAhi us K siwA…!!

Sender:qaiser Date:09-08-2017

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