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Decent Sms Messages

Decent Sms

I knocked at HEAVENS door
GOD asked "What is your wish of today?"
I said "Plz protect love and BLESS the one reading this message"
GOD smiled and replied "GRANTED"

Sender:raja Date:04-05-2010
Decent Sms

Cute feeling..:
My hands never pain
when typing message for you..!!

But my heart always pain
when there is no reply
from you..!!

Sender:shan Date:04-05-2010
Decent Sms

Golden Words Said by a scholar!
My Son is my Son till he gets a Wife,
But my Daughter is my Daughter all her Life!
Dedicated to all Daughters.

Sender:*Rizwana Khan* Date:01-05-2010
Decent Sms

Hayaa agar ankhoun mein hoto parda dil se hota hai
Naqaboun se howa karte hain behayaie ke eshare

Sender:Noman Qamar Date:01-05-2010
Decent Sms

You may only be one person to the world,
But you may also be the world to one person.

Sender:MBA Date:30-04-2010
Decent Sms

Beautifull line from
close your eyes & think
about yourloveable
persons& and spend movment withthem
then watch your lips will
automatically get smile.

Sender:Muhammad Ijaz siddiqui Date:29-04-2010
Decent Sms

Some People Have Nice Eyes,
Some Have a Nice Smile and
Some of Them Have Nice Face,
But You Have All of Them including a Nice HEART.

Sender:*Rizwana Khan* Date:28-04-2010
Decent Sms

Always Enjoy life, No Matter how hard it seems. When life gives you a Thousand Reasons to Cry,
Shows the world That U Hv Million Reason to SMILE

Sender:Muhammad Ijaz siddiqui Date:22-04-2010
Decent Sms

Dost fail hojae to dukh hota hae aur agar 1st ajae to zeadah dukh hota hae

Sender:Mahmudul Haque Date:15-04-2010
Decent Sms

"See how beautifully
God has added one
More day in your life

Not necessarily bcoz
You need it
But because
Someone else
Might need “u”

Sender:parvez Date:14-04-2010
Decent Sms

Koun Si Cheez Dil Ke Bas Mein Nahi
Dil Magar Apni Dastaras Mein Hahi
Kab Se Aankhain Talaash Karti Hain
Ek Din Jo Kisi Baras Mein Nahi

Sender:MBA Date:14-04-2010
Decent Sms

duniya mein do tarah ke insaan kabhi kambyab nahi ho saktay ek jo kisi ki nahi suntay aur ek who jo sab ki suntay haen

Sender:imranhassan Date:14-04-2010
Decent Sms

phool apne khaslat pay kitne bebas hain FARAZ
torne waly ko bhi khushbu se mehka dete hain

Sender:alia samo Date:13-04-2010
Decent Sms

Do not share your top secrets with any one.because,if u yourself can't keep your secrets ,don't expect sombody else to keep it

Sender:Amrin Date:31-03-2010
Decent Sms

If U built an army of 100 Lions and their leader is dog then lions will die Like dog
If U built an army of 100 dogs and their Leader is a Lion
All dogs wil fight like lion.

Sender:Muhammad Ijaz siddiqui Date:31-03-2010
Decent Sms

The Titanic was the first ship to use the SOS signal.

Sender:Mahmudul Haque Date:26-03-2010
Decent Sms

If you worry, you didn't pray. If you pray, don't worry.

Sender:Mahmudul Haque Date:26-03-2010
Decent Sms

duniya mein do tarah ke insaan kabhi kambyab nahi ho saktay ek jo kisi ki nahi suntay aur ek who jo sab ki suntay haen

Sender:alisha Date:24-03-2010
Decent Sms

Worries are just like birds,
Let them fly over you...But D"nt let them built a nest on your head
keep smiling

Sender:Muhammad Ijaz siddiqui Date:24-03-2010
Decent Sms


Sender:Mahmudul Haque Date:22-03-2010

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