# 0087

People die younger, because god loves them so much...
You are still on earth,
Because there is someone..
Who loves you more than god.

# 0086

A purposeful life begins as soon as we see life as a gift that must not be taken for granted, a gift that must not be wasted.

# 0085

Na Tang Karo, Hm Sataye Hue Hai,
Mohabt Ka gm Dil Pe Uthaye Hue Hai,
Khilona Smjh Kr Hmse Na Khelo,
Hm B Usi Khuda K Banaye Hue Hai.

# 0084

Khaye Hai Lakho Dhokhe,
Ek Dhokha Aur Seh Lenge.
Tu Leja Apni Doli Ko,
Hum Apni Arthi Ko Baarat Keh Lenge..

# 0083

It hurts the most when the person that
made you feel special yesterday can make
you feel unwanted today.

# 0082

Majbur Mohabbat jataa na Saky
Jakham Khate rahe kesi ko Batana na Saky..
Chahaton ki Had tak Chaha Usy..
Sirf Apna Dil Nikal Kr Usy Dikha na Saky.

# 0081

Agar Itni Nafrat Hai Ham Se To
Ek Sachy Dil Se Aisi Dua Kar Do,
K Tumhari Dua Bhi Poori Ho Jae
Or Hamari Zindagi Bhi.

# 0080

Waqt ki yaari to sab hi karty hain.
Maza to tb hay waqt badal jaye.
par yaar na badlay..!!!

# 0079

Majbur Mohabbat jataa na Saky
zakham Khate rahe kesi ko Batana na Saky..
Chahaton ki Had tak Chaha Usy..
Sirf Apna Dil Nikal Kr Usy Dikha na Sak

# 0078

It’s very easy to hurt someone and then say “sorry” but it’s really difficult to get hurt and then say “I m fine”!

# 0077

When I think of you my heart skips,
When I see you my heartbeat races,
I think my heart responds just to you my love.

# 0076

Mujhe Is Jahan Me
Sirf Tujhse Ishq Hai..
Aye Sanam
Ya Mera Imtehaan Le..
Ya Mera Aitbaar Kar..!

# 0075

I did scold you often, but there’ll be no one to love you like me too. I love you, son!

# 0074

Keep me as a best friend and I will keep you in my heart and lock it up. I’ll throw away the key so that no one can take you away from me.

# 0073

Aspirin is not the cure for all my headaches, but warm hugs from a loving daughter like you are. I love you.

# 0072

I don’t know what is love. I don’t know what is happiness, I only know you. And badly feeling that without you, I can’t make a single step in the road of my life. My wife, your hubby miss you crazily.

# 0071

If someone asked me to describe you in just two words, I’d say “Simply Amazing.”

# 0070

I’m proud of my heart, it’s been played, stabbed, cheated, burned and broken, but somehow still works.

# 0069

I have long been waiting for a man, who will be my support and protection, with whom I will feel equally comfortable while listening to the music of the surf on the coast, and dancing in the rain. This man for me is you, I love you.

# 0068

You haven’t got the best parents may be, but I must say you have proved to be the best son in the world. We Love You, my son.

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