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Funny Sms Messages

Funny SMS – Smiling takes less effort then frowning. No matter how many hardships you face and how many hurdles you come across, always choose to stay calm and try to rejoice your mood. Funny SMS is such an initiative that helps you smile and laugh. Writing and sharing funny SMS among your friends makes it easier for them to forget their pain and rejoice their moods. You can send funny SMS jokes, funny SMS quotes, funny SMS message, funny SMS stories etc that can rejoice the mood. We want you to keep smiling, for this we have brought you the best collection of Funny SMS. People like to deliver Funny SMS jokes to communicate with the intention of being laughed or fun.

You can send funny SMS message to your friends from latest 2016 funny SMS. You can also submit your Funny SMS message that you like to share with HamariWeb. Find 2016 largest collection of Funny SMS messages that you can pick and share online. Access list of funny SMS text messages of 2016, funny SMS Quotes, Wishes, and Greetings in Urdu, and English & Roman Urdu; that you can send to your friend & family members in Pakistan now.

Funny Sms

Wife: What is so interesting in me?

Husband: I dont know the meaning of interesting!!!

Sender:mudassir Date:16-08-2017
Funny Sms

Biwi : Tum mujhe aesi 2 baaten batao.
Aik se main khush ho jaon
Aur aik se mujhe ghussa aa jaye.
1 : Tum meri zindagi ho.
2 : Aur laanat hai aesi zindagi pe..

Sender:rimsha Date:15-08-2017
Funny Sms

Girls love is like a chocolate.
because it’s too sweet. but the taste is short time,
Caution:every chocolate has an expiry date.
But boys love is like wine,no expiry date.
it gives kick to ur body…
that’s boys love…

Sender:yusuf Date:12-08-2017
Funny Sms

DAD: if you paas in the Exam , I will give u 1 cycle

SON: If I fail?

DAD: I will give u 10 cycles.

SON: why?

DAD: puttar , Fir Tu dukaan hi kholni ae!

Sender:isma Date:11-08-2017
Funny Sms

99% larkian kabi apni galti nai mantein

Baki 1% galti maan kar adhay ghanty baad

keh dete hai ke galti wese tumhari the :P

Sender:khawar Date:10-08-2017
Funny Sms

Meera: Fruit walay shop par

Mujh Potateos Fevr chaye

Shopkeeper: Yeh potatoes fever kaya hota hy?

Meera: u literacy people iska matlab hota hy

Aalo Bukhara

Sender:tabish Date:09-08-2017
Funny Sms

Faqeer: Allah k naam pe 10 rupy de do,

Admi: kl ana baba,

Faqeer: Isi kl kl k chakkar me yahan mere laakhon rupy phsy huye hn.

Sender:hina Date:08-08-2017
Funny Sms

Umeed Ki Inteha Batao.??

Jab 90 Saal Ki Boorhi Aurat
Mobile Shop Per Ja Ker Boly,
"Ay Bhayya, Lifetime SIM De Do" :-D

Sender:ghazanfar Date:07-08-2017
Funny Sms

Mirza Ghalib kya khoob keh gae hain,
Jald bazi me Shaadi kar k saara jeevan bigaar lo gey,
Or Soch samaj K karoge to bhi konsa "TEER" maar lo gay?

Sender:Zahir Date:05-08-2017
Funny Sms

Question by a student !!
If a single teacher can't
teach us all the subjects,
How could you expect a single student
to learn ALL subjects ?

Sender:afsheen Date:04-08-2017
Funny Sms

Mujhe Apni Zindagi Mein Aaj aik Cheez Ki Tamana Hai
=”=YE DOST=”=
Bas Jis Ki Aankhen Ye Msg Parh Rhi Hain Un me koi Kinnu ka chilka nichor jaae…!:p

Sender:owais Date:03-08-2017
Funny Sms

Girl:Bhai samosy achy nai bny hn aaj,
Kal waly achy thy
samosy wala:Kya bat kr rhi ho baji?
“Ye kal waly he to hn”

Sender:yusuf Date:02-08-2017
Funny Sms

Kal Tak Jo Kehti Thi Tuhen Dil Me Lock Ker Diya..

Aaj Usi Ny FB Per Bolck Ker Diya.. :-( :-D

Sender:hamza Date:01-08-2017
Funny Sms

Teacher: Who wants to go to heaven?
Everybody lift their hands except one small boy
Teacher asks him Why u dnt want to go
He says: Mom said come directly home after school

Sender:nadia Date:31-07-2017
Funny Sms

A very old lady teacher of english
Ask this question with the class:
When I say “I am beautiful”, which tense is it?
One pupil answered: it's the past tense of course.

Sender:vaneeza Date:29-07-2017
Funny Sms

Money is made from Paper,
Paper is made from Woods,
Woods are from Trees,
Which means
Money grows on Trees

Sender:darakhshan Date:28-07-2017
Funny Sms

Friend 1: I bought a guitar that tells time

Friend 2: How does it work, bro?

Friend 1: Everytime i play it, my neighbors screams

It is 2 AM, Idiot

Sender:danish Date:27-07-2017
Funny Sms

Teacher: Me Jo Bhi Sawal Kerun To Us Ka Answer Ek Sath Dena.
"How much is Six plus 4.?"
Class: Ek Sath.. :-D


Sender:gulab Date:26-07-2017
Funny Sms

Chaman se Ek Bichra Hua Gulab Hun..
Me Khud Apni Tabahi ka Jawab Hun..
Yun Nigahen Na Phero Mujhse Tum..
Nalayko. Me Tumhari Hi Sangat Me Kharab Hun.. :-D

Sender:sunny Date:25-07-2017
Funny Sms

Gutka Na Khaya Kero,
Honton Ki Shaan Jati Hai..
Hont Tumhary Hen Aur,
Jaan Meri Jati Hai.. :-)

Sender:tabassum Date:24-07-2017