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Funny Sms Messages

Funny Sms

Judge Ny Husband Ko Talaq Ka Faisla Sunaya Aur Kaha:
Ab Tum Her Month Apni Aadhi Salary Apni Wife Ko Diya Kero Gy..

Husband Khushi Se Dance Kerny Laga:

Judge: Tum Khush Q Ho??

Husband: My Lord! Ab Kam Az Kam
Aadhi Salary To Mere Paas Hua Kary Gi.. :-D

Sender:samar Date:23-02-2018
Funny Sms

Khan Sahab Kuch Fruits Ko Suraj Ki Roshni Me Sukha Rahy Thy..

Parosi: Khan Sahab Ye Aap Kiya Ker Rahy Ho??

Khan Sahab: Yara Hum Beemar Hai Aur
Doctor Ny Dry Fruits Khany Ka Mashwara Diya Hai.. :-D

Sender:palvasha Date:22-02-2018
Funny Sms

?2 Nalaik Exam ke baad:
Ye paper konsa tha?
Maths ka
Mtlb tu paper kr k aaya hai?
Nai yaar! Sath wali lrki k paas Calculator dekha tha 😀

Sender:noorain Date:21-02-2018
Funny Sms

Wife : main jald marne wali ho
Husband : main b jald marne wala ho
Wife : tum kayo jaldi marna wala ho
Husband kayo ka muj sa itni bari khushi bardashat nahi ho gi

Sender:meena Date:20-02-2018
Funny Sms

Agar Tum Kisi Paper Me Pass Hona Chahte Ho
To Saari Kainat Tumhen Usko Pass Karne May Lag Jati Hai

Aur Agar Aisa Nahi Hua


Exam Abhi Khatam Nahi Huwe...

Suplee Abhi Baqi Hai Mere Dost.. :-D

Sender:Obaid Date:19-02-2018
Funny Sms

What's the similarity between Income Tax and a Caller Tune?
In both the cases, one pays the money and others enjoy.

Sender:naima Date:15-02-2018
Funny Sms

Bari shidat se intazar hai us sawal ka

jis k jawab me hum kahein
Qabool hai
qabool hai
qabool ha

Sender:Asad Date:13-02-2018
Funny Sms

Police Constable To Son:

Stupid, Why Did U Get Very Low Marks in All Subjects.?



Son: Keep This 50 Rupees & Close This Matter.!!

Sender:ushna Date:12-02-2018
Funny Sms

AGr apKo AcHi PoeTrY Ki TalasH Ha To Ya Id Follow kar Ke Dhak Lo...
Follow @M_khan_Poetry
Send to 40404

Sender:javeed Date:11-02-2018
Funny Sms

Two Tigers were resting under a tree..
Suddenly a RABBIT passed very fast.
Tiger could not make out & asked,
“What was that?”
2nd Tiger smiled and said:
Fast Food…my dear friend

Sender:abiha Date:08-02-2018
Funny Sms

Very Important Msg Before Sleeping..


Don't Forget To



Your Mouth.." :-D

Sender:osama Date:07-02-2018
Funny Sms

Son: Dad I got punished in school today.
Dad: Why?
Son: My teacher pointed the scale towards me.
Saying.. At the end of scale there is an Idiot”
I Just asked “which end”…? 😛

Sender:shafaq Date:06-02-2018
Funny Sms

What Is The Difference b/w


Every Word Spoken By Others Wife Is.. GHAZAL


Every Word Spoken By Own Wife Is.. LECTURE

Sender:danish Date:06-02-2018
Funny Sms

Ishq me hum tumhe kya btayen gy,

Kis qadar chot khaye huye hai,

Kl mara tha baap ne usky,

Aj bhai b aye huye hn.

Sender:Habib Date:30-01-2018
Funny Sms

Kuch Daku Train K Musafiron Ko Loot Rahy Thy..

Ek Daku Ny Sardar Ji Se Kaha:
Tumhary Paas Kiya Hai??

Sardar Ji: O Daku Bhai Aahista Bolo,
Mere Paas To Ticket Bhi Nahi Hai.. :-D

Sender:farhan Date:29-01-2018
Funny Sms


If Walking Is Good For Health, The Postman Wud Be Immortal
A Whale Swims All Day, Only Eats Fish, Drinks Water & Is Still Fat
A Rabbit Runs & Hops & Lives Only 15 Yrs

A Turtle Doesn't Run, Does Nothing, Yet Lives For 450 Yrs.


Sender:Ehtisham Date:26-01-2018
Funny Sms

Dil hai sacha aur dimagh hai kacha,
Wah Wah
Dil ha sacha aur dimagh hai kacha..

Tere msgs nai aa rahey
Kya baat hai bacha???

Sender:misbah Date:25-01-2018
Funny Sms

Sheikh: May aaj Bus k pche
Bhgta hua Ghr tk agya or
kirye k 10 Rupe Bch gye
Srdar: Tm bewaqof ho
Rakshy k Pche Bhgta to 80
Rupe Bch jty

Sender:Uzma Date:23-01-2018
Funny Sms

Girl:Bhai samosy achy nai bny hn aaj,
Kal waly achy thy
samosy wala:Kya bat kr rhi ho baji?
“Ye kal waly he to hn”

Sender:rameez Date:22-01-2018
Funny Sms

In My Mobile number send me sms 03043738704

Sender:Zulifqar Date:21-01-2018

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