‘Made in Pakistan’ App Athan Features at the Google App Summit

Athan is an application of Venture Dive, categorized as the fastest growing applications in Asia Pacific region at the Google App Summit’18, held in Singapore. Athan has the honor of being the only ‘made in Pakistan’ app to feature at the Google App Summit.

Venture Dive’s Managing Director, co- founder Saad Fazil and Senior Product Manager Ali Raza represented Athan at the event. They were the only Pakistanis at the invite-only event.

Commenting on the significant occasion, MD and Co-founder Saad Fazil, said, “As is the case with all products and services associated with Venture Dive, our aim is to reach larger communities with a tech-based solution for their daily routines in order to make life easier for them. It is heartening for us to see that we are achieving that with Athan.”


He further said, “While the impact of an app like Athan cannot be felt in full force in the Muslim-majority countries where calls for prayers are made five times a day and the general culture of the place makes it easier to adjust routines during times such as Ramadan, it is the non-Muslim majority countries where the inclusive aspect of the app is felt in full force. Many of our users living in the West find Athan useful as it makes it easier for them to follow their religion.”

Adapting to modern advancements in technology and innovation, Athan brings an all-immersive experience for Muslims across the globe. It supports in bridging religion with technology for convenience.

Athan was developed in 2014. It has become the most reliable Islamic application for Muslims all over the world in modern times. Since its initiation, the app has assisted Muslims in every corner of the globe. It provides accurate prayer timings as per their location and jurisdiction. It can provide Qibla direction from anywhere in the world. It also provides plenty of significant information on Islamic principles.

Islamic Finder.org developed Athan, as the most authentic online source of Islamic information available to date. The agenda behind development of Athan is to assist Muslims to navigate in their daily lives with convenience, regardless of whether they are based in a Muslim-majority country or not.

Athan app is available in 6 major languages and keeps users posted with accurate prayer times of more than 6 million locations worldwide.

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