2G, 3G, 4G – Do you know what’s the difference?

So you’ve probably heard all these terms being used on TV, the internet and even heard people discussing them around you. We take you through each term one by and one and you too can jump right into the conversation! Let’s start by covering the major differences between different 'generation' networks. The ‘g’ stands for generation for anyone who is not well versed with telecom jargon.

We begin with 2G which allowed for voice calls and text messaging. 2G was followed by 2.5G which has been the mobile network technology in Pakistan to date i.e. the means by which you have been accessing internet on your mobile phone so far! The speed is slow which also means that only a limited number of internet services can be performed optimally.

After the auction for 3G and 4G licenses, Pakistan now has both 3rd and 4th generation mobile network technology. 3G will allow high speed internet access as well as services such as voice and video calling, file transmission, better internet browsing, video streaming, social gaming and much more.

4th generation mobile networks or 4G is believed to provide all the services that 3G does, but the speed will be faster than 3G. At this point in time, all the smart operators have opted for 3G to utilize the opportunities that 3G brings which currently are not realistic for 4G. The reason being that the ecosystem for 4G in Pakistan is very much in its infancy and thus does not merit an investment in 4G license at this point in time. Which is why cellular operators like Telenor only bid for 3G at this time.

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mirpur mat help me 3g 4g konse network par on he

noor Muhammad korai blouch , mir pur mathelo Sun 30 Nov, 2014

3g tank on kab hogi

Sadeeq , Tank Sun 21 Sep, 2014

can anyone answer me ,
how much roupies need for making vedeo call in Pakistan as local
and international call...

sameer , kohat Fri 27 Jun, 2014

majeed colony me 3g on kab hogi
i am waiting for a long time

smart abrar , karchi Thu 26 Jun, 2014