5 high-end gadgets that turn heads wherever you go

1. Apple Watch

Smart Watches have recently just become more of a necessity than the initial perception of them which was geared more towards a trendy product. They incorporate so many features now that it has become so easy for the consumer to carry out his or her day-to-day activities. Apple, a technological giant famous for its iPods and iPhones decided to introduce their own take on a Smart Watch and not so surprisingly, were quite successful in doing so. They have introduced several strap designs ranging from the more formals ones all the way to downright sporty straps which have allowed them to bring a lot of potential consumers within their customer net.

2. Fit bit

This is another Smart Watch which is designed around the idea of a healthier lifestyle and allows the general consumer to be health conscious about whether he or she is doing enough for their body to be at an optimum level of performance. It tracks the user’s heart rate, weight, sleep and a lot more features which contribute to a healthier lifestyle. It calculates how much exercise your body has done, how many calories have been burned, whether or not you have slept enough and even if you have slept a proper sleep. All these features combine to give you the most optimum report about your body so that you are well aware of your health and if you should work towards a healthier lifestyle for yourself and your family.

3. Virtual Reality

This high-end gadget has managed to create huge waves in the technological industry and everyone is talking about this invention. It has made its way into the gaming universe as well, so that the creators have actually introduced several games especially for this device which work exclusively, in the best way possible, with a Virtual Reality headset alone. It has changed the entire perception of gaming and opened doors to an utterly new dimension. There are several brands who have introduced this Virtual Reality headset such as Google, Samsung and HTC to name a few.

4. Christofle LaCie Sphere Hard Drive

This revolutionary sphere has been turning heads all around the world. Just looking at it on its own, someone would think it is a chic decorative piece. But that is not all there is to it. This gorgeous silver sphere is actually a 1TB hard drive! It is French made and the best part about it is, that it takes almost no space at all, looks beautiful and uses a USB cable instead of the usual cord which is very messy and quite a hassle to manage.


5. OPPO F3 FCB Limited Edition

OPPO has been reaching to the top very steadily. It has been proving its innovative techniques quite boldly through its phones and has been quite successful in grabbing people’s attention. Not only are the OPPO’s phones really well thought-of, they are also quite trendy as well in mobile photography technology breakthroughs. The new OPPO F3 Dual Selfie Camera phone which is introduced in collaboration with Barcelona Football Club has surely turned a lot of heads turned up for innovative technology, meticulous design and camera expertise. First of all, it has made taking a group selfie incredibly easy, which is a must in today’s lifestyle fashionable world. Other than that, it has introduced the phone in the trendy red colour which is quite popular colour to possess during Soccer season. Moreover, it is a collaboration with one of the most popular football club which has an innumerable fans following across the globe.

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