5 seconds for a ordinary boy to take better group selfie than a photographer

In a world where 24 billion selfies are taken in a given year and DSLR sales are hitting rock bottom, one would think that having a stellar front-facing camera would be the right way to go. It’s clear that the smartphone, and specifically the group selfie are dominating personal photography and this trend is rising rapidly. People just love getting themselves and their friends into a memorable shot to capture the good times. It certainly would be advantageous to have a group selfie function with both ease of use and indistinguishable quality from bag filling DSLR equipment.

Every time you take a group selfie, it's a hassle bundling everyone together to get in frame, and even then, cropping and editing means some people get cut. As shown in their video, the OPPO F3 alleviates this, easily fitting in one, ten or even a hundred people into the shot. This scenario is encapsulated perfectly in the video, opening with an array of lenses and cameras for the young budding photographer, and later revealing all you need is a great smartphone camera to be a photographer.

The OPPO F3 is taking selfie game to the next level by going where others are yet to delve. The dual front camera Selfie Expert is exactly that, an entire device crafted around taking really good selfies, wide-angle group selfies.

Ultra wide-angle group shots

The OPPO F3 seems to be truly marketing itself as a photography icon, rather than just a smartphone. The wide angle lens and 2 times larger field-of-view mean that a clunky lens is no longer necessary. Alongside this, the selfie sticks days are numbered, the F3 doesn't need a cumbersome stick to carry around under your arm, as it stands tall without the need for accessories.

Why spoil the moment awkwardly bundling people together and attaching needless accessories, when the OPPO F3 can capture the moment beautifully with a wide angle lens and a top-tier 16-megapixel camera?


Refined details

As their video suggests, smartphones are getting increasingly adequate as photography tools. It's unprecedented to see a whopping 16 megapixels with LED flash on a front-facing camera, the level of detail on OPPO’s selfie powerhouse is truly astonishing when held up alongside industry leaders that far exceed its price point. The entire device revolves around the camera, with top of the line beautify software resulting in seriously sharp selfies. Today's selfie-conscious consumer has been hungering for a front-facing camera of this caliber, and the OPPO F3 gratifies this perfectly. It’s for this reason that the young selfie taking teenager in the video simply does not need a DSLR.

Premium Hardware

Screen size trends have been on a steady rise and the F3 is no exception, it hosts a crystal clear 5.5-inch 1080p displayed encased in 2.5D Gorilla Glass 5. The F3 also packs some serious hardware. Alongside a security conscious fingerprint sensor, it houses a whopping 64GB internal and up to 128GB of external storage. This allows the user to store all of those unforgettable group selfie moments in one place. This all comes included with a built-in 3200mAh battery which keeps you going all day long.


We have to admit that DSLRs are fantastic instruments for taking serious photos. But when even a teenager can pick up a powerhouse like the OPPO F3 to snap a quick group selfie in fun and easy way, it definitely demonstrates that personal photography has come a long way. It’s been made so easy thanks to companies like OPPO, and the F3 drives it home that everybody certainly can be selfie experts.


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