7 Best Tips for Buying New Phone This Year!

Android, Apple or Windows? Premium or Cheap? Keep reading to get these 8 best tips for buying a new phone in year 2018!

With amazing new flagship models by Samsung, Apple and other brands, all vying to get your attention, plus various high quality choices at cheaper prices, choosing right phone has never been as challenging as in year 2018. However, we are here to help you with the best tips for buying new phone this year.

1. Android offers you more choices, iOS is easy to use.

If you are torn between Android and iOS, go for iPhone if you like something simple to use and both the timeliest updates and hottest apps first. Android is fine when you need more affordable options, and more hardware choices.

2. Do not pay more than you want to!

While Galaxy S8, iPhone and premium Android phones costs from $700 to $1,000, there are various cheaper unlocked-phones you can get under $500 and some good choices udder $300.

3. Choose Right Screen Size

Get a phone with screen size smaller than 5.5 inches if you have small hands or single-hand use is important to you. Get bigger screen size when you want to play games, watch lots of videos, or you need to take advantages of Android’s Multi-Windows Mode. Yet, phone-manufacturers are making bigger screen phones, like Galaxy S8 with 5.8-inch screen, which fits easily in your hand, thanks to 18:9 aspect ratio.


4. For Phone’s display, brightness and color quality are more important than resolution.

4K screen is nice, however, overkills. Display brightness should be given more importance because you need to use it outdoors, and how much colorful the panel is, AMOLED panels are superior to LCD. The latest phones include HDR or high dynamic range to display more colors.

5. Ignore Megapixels for Camera

Just like battery life, camera has now become important feature for smartphones. Focus specifications like aperture (lower the better) and other special features like optical image stabilization and duel lenses. Focus less on megapixels.

6. Processer is least important.

Even midrange smartphones now offer enough performance. However, if you like most augmented reality and power to play games, buy Android with Snapdragon 835 processor. A11 bionic is iPhone 8, 8+ and iPhone X is fastest processor yet.

7. Do not settle for battery that lasts less than 10 hours!

Even budget phones offer long-lasting batteries now. So watch for the list of the longest running mobiles to get one that can get you across the day on single charge.

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