Advantages of 3g technology in Pakistan

From the perspective of consumer, they think that 3G is something like having just the fast speed internet and good video quality and improved communication means. Now, people are very excited in buying 3G powered devices and tools. People want to use this technology because we all want to enjoy the benefits of this technology.

By the perspective of user, using 3G internet services is to gain benefits like roaming capability and broad bandwidth and high speed communication. By having fast connectivity of internet transferring services you can send and receive large number of data, emails and messages via wireless in a very short time.


3G will provide the citizens with more compelling mean of communications. The Convenient and highly customized mobile broadband devices and services which make your life more easy, secure and meaningful.

Solutions like these are serving enterprises to improve their asset and resource management capabilities, streamline their operations and ultimately, achieve significant cost savings. For example employees working offsite with mobile laptops or handheld devices may access company resource management solutions and dynamically collaborate with intra-office systems that link warehouses, suppliers and customer databases.


Countries adopting 3G have experienced higher levels of GDP per capita and job creation in the telecommunications sector. Moreover 3G expands a country’s opportunities in the business sector, contributing to increased competitiveness and promoting innovative new wirelessly enabled businesses and services. Finally, 3G provides the country’s citizens with richer, more compelling communications services. Access to convenient, affordable and highly customizable mobile broadband devices and services makes life more productive, secure and meaningful and empowers people to transform the way they live, learn, work and play.

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