An Eye Turner for the Selfie Loving Generation; vivo V21e comes with an Attractive Front Camera

There’s a reason why college students are considered resourceful. They know exactly what they desire and where to get it. Do you remember researching for the best of everything at affordable rates? Whether it is looking for a good cafe for a warm plate of food or something as personal and long-lasting as a smartphone, college students are aware and constantly looking out for the most attractive deals that brands offer.


vivo’s latest, the V21e is tailor-made for those very youngsters who crave an excellent camera setup, high-quality performance, and a handsome design boxed at a low-end price range.

vivo V21e caters to a young and vibrant social media frenzy generation. With each passing day, the demand for a solid smartphone increases thanks to the ever-growing trend of mobile photography. To keep with the times and meet the requirements of its consumers, vivo has been constantly researching and innovating camera technology, making it more flexible, reliable, and interesting.

With its latest, the V21e, vivo has managed to curate the brilliance of the front camera system at a pocket-friendly price. This feature-rich camera system is a blessing for all front photography enthusiasts.

The device is equipped with a phenomenal 44MP Eye Autofocus in the front camera. The 44MP part of the name is self-explanatory, let us introduce the Autofocus portion of the name. The autofocus lens allows the camera to automatically adjust the focus distance. It uses the human eye focusing algorithm that can capture human eyes in real-time. The lens focuses on the eyes of the living subject irrespective of their movement, thus delivering clean, unhazy shots. In simpler words, the subject can be in continuous motion while the photographer takes perfect, high-quality pictures.


Furthermore, the front camera comes with a plethora of entertaining features that make mobile photography an enriching experience. Imagine yourself at a candlelight dinner in a cosy restaurant that fashions low lighting. You love the environment, but your camera doesn’t. The V21e front camera brings out features that make night photography a joy too.

The AI Night Portrait increases exposure levels and improves imaging through a multi-frame noise reduction algorithm. The feature also uses AI algorithms to fix portrait features through AI brightening and AI noise reduction. Through hardware and software integration, the Super Night Selfie features multi-level exposure and multiple high-quality image frames, which greatly enhance the brightness and details of night scenes ensuring clear portrait shots.

Travel bloggers and influencers can particularly make the most of the Dual-View Video feature in vivo’s V21e. Say you’re a travel blogger talking about the breath-taking landscape in your vision’s peripheral and you want to share what you witness and experience with your followers. The technology allows you to access the front and the rear cameras at the same time, ensuring that you don’t have to flip your camera every time you describe a particular element.

Interestingly, while the V21e camera supports 240fps super Slo-Mo Selfie Video recording for all your creative content creation ideas, it also is equipped with the 4K Selfie Video feature that records in HD. The Ultra Stable Selfie Video works on electronic stabilization that is achieved by the EIS algorithm. It compensates for accidental shakes and yields clear, steady recordings.

On the rear side, vivo V21e comes with a brilliant 64MP Night Camera with the support of a set of secondary cameras to respectively handle macro photography, along with wide-angle and more complex shots. Combined with Super Night Mode, Stylish Night Filter, Art Portrait Video, Ultra Stable Video, the rear camera also delivers a quality photography experience.


The 171g device is also amazing when it comes to its design and performance. The 7.38mm Ultra-Slim AG design is an absolute head turner. With V21e, you get a smartphone that doesn’t just look good but also excels in its performance capacity.

vivo V21e features a 33W FlashCharge, which makes it a dependable companion. It is also powered by a Qualcomm Snapdragon 720G processor with 8GB RAM and 128GB ROM with an extendable “+3GB” RAM for smoother performance of applications and the operating system.

Priced at only PKR 45,999, the V21e is a smartphone for all your photography needs.
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