Android 9 Pie Featuring Artificial Intelligence to Minimize Phone Usage

Google has recently released the ninth edition of Android operating system called Android 9 Pie. The name has been suggested in line with the tradition of picking a dessert based nickname for its mobile software.

Initially this software update will only be available on Google’s Pixel smart phones. However, other devices are expected to receive an update by the end of 2018.

Android 9 Pie comes with range of amazing features in order to provide a personalized experience to the users.

One of most prominent and best selling point of Android 9 Pie is its use of artificial intelligence to maximize battery life. Android 9 Pie connects the power of artificial intelligence to provide you more from your phone. The aim of the Artificial Intelligence is to provide a tailored personalized experience to the users in accordance to their preferences.

What’s New in Android 9 Pie?

Android 9 Pie enriched with the power of AI makes your device smarter and faster.


The best thing about Android 9 Pie is that it adapts to you and your preferences. Your experience gets improved over time, and it keeps running applications smoother for longer time.

Adaptive Battery

This feature enables your device to go with a single charge. Adaptive battery learns how you prefer to use your phone. It does not drain the battery on apps and services that you don’t use.

Adaptive Brightness

The phone automatically adjusts the brightness according to your previous preferences on how you keep your screen.


App Actions

This feature of App Actions predicts what you’re about to do. This enables you to get to your next task more frequently and swiftly. For instance, when you connect to headphones, the phone will display the playlist that you were listening earlier on front. This feature also adapts for your morning workouts, and regular work place routine.


The feature of slices on Android 9 Pie brings relevant parts of your favorite apps to the surface. Next time you search for certain place, you can see prices and driver ETAs right within your results.

Intuitive Navigation

This latest android enables switching between apps swiftly and easily. It provides you what you need more naturally by using gestures instead of buttons.

App Timers

This feature enables you to inform you in advance when you are getting close to your set limits. App icons turn old out when you reach those limits to remind you of your goals.

Wind Down & Do Not Disturb

This feature enables the users to set a daily schedule on your phone before sleeping. It will automatically turn your screen to gray scale. Do not Disturb sign silences all notifications for a restful sleep. You can activate Do Not Disturb sign anytime you want to disconnect.

How to Install Android 9 Pie?

Below are the instructions to install Android 9 Pie on eligible devices:
Launch your web browser and visit
Scroll down to Eligible devices and click the blue ;Opt in' button next to your phone
Agree to the T&Cs, then tap 'Join Beta'
Click Ok to the confirmation that your device has been enrolled and that an OTA update will be available soon
The OTA update notification can take up to 24 hours to arrive (and it will never arrive if you have previously manually flashed Android on to the device). If you don't get it, check your internet connection and visit Settings > About phone > System Updates and check for any available updates
When the notification arrives tap Download and install
In the next window you'll be told this will install a preview version of Android on your device. Check you are connected to Wi-Fi, then tap Download
You can now install the Android Public Beta. Follow the on screen instructions to complete the process.

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