Android Vs iOS: Which Smartphone Operating System Is Best For You?

When you are buying a new smartphone chances are that it will run Google’s Android or Apple’s iOS operating system. These two are the primary software used in mobile technology and is accounted for 99% of smartphone. Both operating systems are outstanding and have more in common but the dissimilarities that you will want to consider. We are going to discuss the design, security, and compatibility to see which platform suits best for you.

Hardware Choice

The most obvious benefits for opting Android over iOS is that Android offers much more choice in terms of what hardware you can use. The Android network is huge so you have much more options of device to fulfil your needs and budget. You will have performance without breaking the bank unlike Apple devices. Apple lacks in the vast range of device options that the Android community has, making it more accessible.


Without a doubt iOS is much better looking than the Android. The Google’s Android is simply not a match when it comes to user experience of Apple’s iOS, though it has come a long long way. iOS is not only easy to navigate but is easy to use for people with no tech experience compared to the Googles operating system which can be a little confusing. Android devices though offer more customization option and hidden settings, which can tweak to meet your needs. Apple’s operating system design is beautiful yet simple and minimizes the fuss of operating the device. It also has a laptop like experience on Apple’s impressive tablets which can’t be compared to the Android tablets.



As iPhone is most popular device therefore the manufactures prioritize it over Android. Meaning that for Apple users it is guaranteed that the app, platform, plugin and attachment are all supported. Whereas in the Android community Samsung is the only major manufacture whose devices are supported. Recently Apple has chosen to remove the headphone jack introducing the wireless headphones which could be unsettling for some users. The Android maker is slow at updating their phone with the version of latest operating system released.


Security breaches are becoming more serious than ever, and Android is much behind in the updates world; resulting in making old running software vulnerable to serious hacks. Apple has always worked on providing improved security with TouchID and FaceID. The capability to push updates out to more devices rapidly is a conclusive edge over Android. Your personal data isn’t stored or read by Apply as they prioritize user’s privacy, which is all encrypted as well. Whereas Android encrypts some data and your privacy is less protected. Google makes new products for you by using your data for information and to make your experience better. As for Google it is very challenging to provide with better experience and fully protecting user privacy. Apple’s dedication towards privacy is remarkable as it went on war with FBI to guarantee your right to encryption. For those who care for privacy and security go with iPhone.



Apple offers timely and consistent software updates and security covers. Approximately 50% of Apple devices are now running iOS 11 which is the latest version available. On the other hand Android 8.0 Oreo is run by only 0.2% on Android devices. If you want to be updated with consistent software update then you must buy Google’s Pixel phones. So chose iOS for latest updates, features, bug fixes, and security updates.

Apps & App Store

It is not easy to organize millions of apps and games, Apple offer fewer apps than Google Play. Most popular apps are available on both Play Store and Apple Store. Since iOS has been a more productive platform for developers so it has the tendency for newer apps to be introduced first. iOS lands the best mobile games which don’t always come to Android. The Android’s Play Store has more free apps compared to the Apple’s App Store.

The Apple allows you to download and purchase apps via TouchID on iPhones which can be set up with fingerprint sensor on Android via Play Store. Apple is generally stricter regarding the block of certain types of apps, which can be a good thing from the security’s perspective. When it comes to apps and app store iOS’s quality beats quantity.


It is not easy to compare the two. Since Apple controls both the hardware and software, it delivers a more uniform experience across its devices with iOS. If accessibility and security are important factors for you than iOS is the one for you.

Most Android devices aren’t capable to run latest version making it not as efficient and safe as iOS. The main problem with Android is that the various smartphone manufactures adds their own user interface. Due to which it is challenging for Android to keep up with the various devices.

Lastly it depends on you that which category will suit more towards your needs and that is what your decision should be based on. We can heartily recommend wither as they have more similarities than differences.

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