Apple Airtag Price in Pakistan: Here’s everything you need to know about Apple’s New Tracking Device

After teasing fans for quite some time, Apple finally unveiled the Airtags officially. The location tracking devices will assist Apple customers in locating misplaced items using the company's Find My App. Using these item trackers is pretty simple: you just have to add the Airtag to Apple Find My Application, attach it to the object you want to keep track of, and the app will tell you where it is in the items lab.

The Airtags use Bluetooth radio to transmit signals to the owner. It will help you locate something if you accidentally leave it somewhere or it got misplaced if Airtag is attached to it. The objects can be tracked in real-time. The use of tagging and tracking devices is not new. For several years, a slew of manufacturers has been producing them. Apple has just enhanced the size, durability, scale of the network, and price of the technology. The Find My App works on Mac, Macbooks, iPhone, iPod, and iPad with iOS version 14.3 or higher.

The Airtags come equipped with a U1 chip, found in Apple iPhone 11 and 12 for precision finding pinpointing the exact location with direction and distance. Apple Airtag costs $29 each that roughly converts to Rs. 4,440 in Pakistani currency. Apple sells a pack of four for $99, which converts to more than Rs. 15,000 in Pakistani rupees. Apple started shipping the Airtags from April 30th on Apple stores and Select carriers Worldwide. The Airtags will be available shortly in Pakistan with all the authorized Apple resellers.

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