Apple iPhones are More Popular than Samsung's Flagships Among Consumers, Survey Reveals

Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is the most anticipated flagship device of the year, especially for dedicated Samsung users. However, according to latest reveal from a survey of PC Mag, consumers are far more excited about Apple’s iPhones that are going to be launched this year, rather than any other devices.

The survey reveals that 1,555 consumers are asked about what smart phone release they are looking forward to this year, and top responses were iPhone 9, iPhone 11, iPhone XI, and iPhone SE 2. Around 42 percent of the respondents were of the opinion that they are looking forward to latest iPhone next month. 24 percent indicated their interest in Samsung Galaxy Note 9.

From there onwards, it’s a distant competition for third place in smart phone market. 7 percent of respondents indicated they are most excited for the Google Pixel 3, followed by 4 percent for the LG V40, 2 percent for the OnePlus 6T, 6 percent for “other,” and 11 percent for “none.”

Those 76 percent who chose Samsung Galaxy Note 9 were the ones who already own a Samsung device. 8 percent indicated that they are iPhone users currently.
This means Samsung might be able to convert some iPhone users to Android this year:

“Of those who chose the new Samsung Galaxy Note, 76 percent unsurprisingly already own a Samsung phone. However, 8 percent of those respondents currently own an iPhone. So while Apple topped the most anticipated smartphone list, our results indicate the Galaxy Note 9 may snag some iPhone converts.”


Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Note 9 at a press event this week, alongside its new Apple Watch competitor and HomePod competitor.

Samsung has since released new advertisements against the Galaxy Note 9 against the iPhone X in terms of performance, early benchmarks. This shows that the iPhone X actually comes out on top in such tests.

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