Chinese brands Vs. Global brands: Who is the boss?

“We have the best camera phones till date!”
“Our technology is far better than others”
“No one can beat us at R & D and innovation”

Although no smart phone brand claims such things publically but they definitely live by them. Fierce competition exist in the smart phone business where all the technology brands are in a tug of war to win the title of best smart phone brand of the world.

Talking about the facts, the smart phone industry today is dominated by brands like Apple and Samsung. Worldwide, the two giants dominate smart phone sales, accounting for about one third of the market. But story doesn’t end here, as other global bestsellers the Chinese competitors are definitely giving tough time to the Biggies on the basis of low cost feature. Lenovo and Xiaomi are replaced by Oppo and Vivo in the top five global smart phone makers list.

World’s largest smart phone market, China operates with four giant companies competing over the last few years for the number one spot. Gaining the number 1 spot in China is although not so profitable as new competitors are there to build market share by losing plenty of money. In the past few years, Huawei surprised by becoming the No. 3 smart phone maker in the world and the first Chinese phone manufacturer with a substantial global footprint.

OPPO and its sister firm, Vivo started their operations in 2004 and 2009 respectively. They focused their abilities in manufacturing cheap and amazing smart phones similar to plenty of other Chinese manufacturers. They went unnoticed by the global leader Apple that time. Xiaomi however was the Chinese handset manufacturer to watch for. Things changed for global leader Apple in June 2016 when OPPO’ R9, which costs approx. $400, overtook the iPhone, which is priced twice, became China’s best-selling handset. Vivo, on the other hand targets youth with lower prices.

Both Oppo and Vivo made remarkable achievements in the past few years and became among the top five biggest smart phone makers in the world. The story of their success can be portrayed by saying that one out of every three smartphones of Oppo or Vivo sold in China in the third quarter of 2016.

Rising Stars of Global Smart phone Market

Chinese brands have done remarkably well in the global market to sustain a respectable top slot.


Oppo Mobiles, regarded as 4th largest mobile phone brand in the world is owned by billionaire Duan Yong Ping. The brand made its name by selling cheaper phones in rural China at around 200,000 retail locations and Southeast Asia. Making its footprints strong in Pakistan market, Oppo Mobiles is reaching greater heights of success and growth with some amazing camera phones. Chinese technology master OPPO has recently attracted millions of potential users due to its recently launched highly popular and demanded flagships like F1s, and Oppo F3 plus. Oppo has made a remarkable breakthrough by launching Oppo F3 plus featuring outstanding camera features. Being the ‘Selfie Expert’ and ‘Group Selfie’ as a secret weapon, the F3 Plus can click awesome group selfies with its 120 degree wide angle and 8 MP cameras. In the Chinese market, the brand competes with Xiaomi on price, but has had more success abroad in Pakistan, India, Sri Lanka and Australia. Oppo is certainly the rising star with second place in South-East Asia behind Samsung. To expand its operations, in Africa and Middle East a marketing centre is being set up in Cairo.



The Chinese giant Huawei gained the momentum with approximately 140 million handset sales in 2016. Huawei is able to maintain a strong foothold in Europe and is finding success with the P8 and P9, where it is taking away market share from Samsung and Apple with competitive specs at lower prices.


Regarded as Oppo’s sister brand, Vivo is owned by Duan Yong Ping. Considering that China is selfie obsessed, Vivo focuses its attention towards camera features making it the unique selling proposition.

"So, definitely, Oppo is the BOSS after clinching the market share from some notorious brands like HTC and Xiaomi. With some remarkable camera phones it has taken the lead and made glorious success".

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