EMUI 8.0: Everything You Want To Know

Claimed to be “world’s most emotional system” EMUI is Huawei specific user interface that has been making waves across the world since it was first introduced to the world. Huawei truly believes that emotional understanding of users is significant for better performance.

Christopher Countelle VP – Software Marketing Huawei has a deep insight on the functioning of EMUI. He explained about the Global software and R & D presence of Huawei, along with EMUI Properties.

Focusing on empowering a smarter phone, Mr. Countelle exclaimed:

“The software will become the soul of the device, which will not only have IQ but also EQ to eventually act as your inner assistant.”

Let’s dig into the depth of this feature to understand it better:

EMUI (Emotional User Interface)

Huawei’s user centric philosophy “Design with Empathy” is perfectly reflected in Emotional User Interface (EMUI). It improves the usability and makes navigation easier for the users. EMUI is basically a ROM/OS based on Google Android Open Source Project that is developed by Huawei Technologies Co. Ltd. EMUI is pre-installed on almost all Huawei smartphone devices. The presence of EMUI in a Huawei phone enables the user to customize it with Huawei theme. The users can choose from sophisticatedly designed wallpapers, icons, and details.

Huawei keeps launching various versions of EMUI from time to time. The latest one is discussed below:

What’s new in EMUI 8.0?

The current version launched is EMUI 8.0 which delivers variety of new features as compared to previous version EMUI 5.1. You can automatically adjust the color, brightness, in order to produce perfectly framed sharp videos. This version supports 13 scenes and objects and is available only in Huawei Mate 10 series.EMUI8.0 has the ability to predict user’s intentions, and provide intelligent recommendation that fits perfectly for the function, in order to make phone’s usage productive.With the availability of EMUI8.0, your phone is set up for pad-like multi-column viewing, making work life on-the-go as effortless as sitting at your desk.

Key Features EMUI 8.0 (Android of Oreo)

Huawei unveiled its latest custom UI, EMUI 8.0 based on Android Oreo operating system. EMUI 8.0 is already available on handsets like Huawei Mate 10 Lite, Huawei Mate 10, and Mate 10 pro.

Artificial intelligence is been given the spotlight of EMUI 8.0, as think tank of Huawei claims that Al on EMUI 8.0 can easily identify various objects like flower, plant, performance, text etc.

Compared to the previous EMUI 5.1 version, there is no major difference in terms of overall appearance and aesthetics of the UI. Although there are plenty of ingenious features available with the new UI.

VP Software Marketing Huawei, Christopher Countelle explained various features of EMUI 8.0 in detail:

Improved Gesture Controls

This feature can be enabled using the Settings menu under “Smart Assistance”. EMUI 8.0 can take screenshots with the help of intelligent tricks. This can be done by sliding down three fingers for a perfect screen shot. Every screenshot you click is supported by a pop up screen with the option to edit, share, and take a scrolling screenshot.

Single - handed mode on EMUI 8.0 is also amazing and can be enabled from Smart Assistance. To launch this feature, you have to swipe down and form a small curve from the left and right side. Meanwhile, you can continue using the phone’s functions normally in the small screen. If you wish to go back to normal mode, just tap on the outer screen.

Floating Navigation Dock

According to Christopher Countelle VP- Software Marketing, this feature is quiet attractive for those who love to work with one key. If you are a Mate 10 or Mate 10 Pro user then you must be aware that there is no hard key to navigate the phone, therefore you can facilitate from floating navigation dock. First, you need to enable it by going to Settings > Smart Assistance > System Navigation. You can now view a white button on the screen which is the floating navigation dock. Although it looks similar to Apple’s Assistive Touch, but the functions are entirely different. Pressing on the navigation dock and pulling it left or right will launch the recent apps tab. If you tap it once it will take you back to the previous. And pressing on it and releasing it will take you back to the Home screen. You can even drag the navigation dock around the screen.

Mobile PC Dock less

Christopher emphasized on the significance of this feature, that can connect your phone with large screens via a cable and both can operate independently. This feature can support most of the apps, and protect privacy of users, along with incoming notifications. You can share presentations, watch movies, carrying bulky document etc.
Dynamic Wallpaper

The theme app is already there on Huawei devices that enable the users to customize wallpapers and more. “Dynamic Wallpaper” is the new concept that is present on EMUI 8.0. This wallpaper is mainly of landscape and it changes its texture with every passing day. For instance, during morning hours, wallpaper will display sunrise, and by evening it might show sunset.

Battery launch

You can save battery on EMUI 8.0 using this feature which can be accessed as ‘Launch’ in the Settings menu. You can optimize battery usage for each app on your smart phone. You can manage battery usage either manually or automatically. You can toggle on/off three options for an app to auto launch, secondary launch, or run in the background.

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