Essential Tech Company is Back With a Surprise

American Tech Company, Essential, has shown up after almost an year. Looks like something’s up, right? For those who do not know what’s Essential, it is an American tech company worth $1 billion and valued as unicorn. Recently the company observed a full-time halt for sales and operations, most possibly because the Co-founder of Essential, Andy Rubin, was going through a rough patch in his personal life, as sources have reported.

The company also disappeared in the time.

However Andy’s recent tweet reply has turned heads and we are curious what’s next.


It was a nine month old tweet which Andy took to reply and asked us to hang tight. Do we predict an upcoming phone launch? The hint is perplexing but a phone is what we are expecting. Andy also teased the first essential phone on Recode Code Conference back in 2017.

The same conference is currently going on; hence, we might be rolling in for a surprise. Fingers crossed.

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