Galaxy Gear S2 Smart watch on its way to Pakistan

Samsung has maintained its brand image in Pakistan and it never fails to amaze its customers with its flagship devices. This time, making the competition intense for Apple iWatch, it has officially announced to launch the Smart watch, the Galaxy Gear S2 most probably in September 2015.

The first look of Samsung Smart watch is already creating buzz even days before the launch. Following the statement “Next is Now”, the company is affirmative that it is bringing unique tech products in the market. Have a glance at how the new Smart watch will look like:

To show off its new piece of technology to the world, a fashion photo shoot was conducted as a teaser for the new device which was revealed on the launch event of Galaxy Ntoe5 on Thursday. Models showed the Galaxy Note 5 along with wearing the Galaxy Gear S2. See the pictures below:”

The upcoming Smart watch appears to be stylish yet elegant in its own way. The watch doesn’t appear to be big but rather it is designed decently with a round form factor.
The Smart watch will be operated through Samsung’s own Tizen OS having a round design. The company urges to make its way to launch an innovative piece for its loyal customers. With the launch of the Smart watch, Samsung will have to face intense competition from Moto 360 and LG Watch Urbane.

The round display of the Gear S2 watch gives it a more traditional look than its elder sibling Gear S. talking about functions, the Smart watch will be bigger and better fulfilling all the requirement of being a next-generation Smart watch. The device will measure the wearer’s heart rate, display calendar alerts or messages and span a variety of apps, including Nike+.
You can find connectivity features in Gear S2 and it is expected to have a SIM card slot. For now, the company is all set to launch this amazing piece of technology in September where it will reveal all the official features and details of the device.
So keep your fingers crossed and wait!


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