Gold –plated iPhones are available for Pre-Order for $113,000

The most anticipated phones of the year Apple’s iPhones have been the centre of attention for everyone since the first hand information has been leaked online.

The British company Gold genie offers gold-plated versions of iPhones and other high-end products. It is listing an 18-karat gold version of iPhone, which is most likely being called the iPhone XS. The speculations also reveals that this gold plated version of iPhones will be over 100 times the price of a regular iPhone X.

The best thing is that dedicated iPhone buyers can already pre-order a “Billionaire Solid Gold Edition” of the iPhone Xs. This 18k gold plated iPhone will cost whooping £100,000. For pre- order, 50% deposit is required. The buyers having short of money can later arrange rest of the amount to get hold of this luxurious device.

The Solid Gold Edition iPhone Xs is expected to be launched with 256GB of memory storage in a luxury box with a cherry oak finish. It has a convenient "Billionaire" logo on the back which boldly communicates to the masses, that only wealthy people can afford it.

On pre- order, you'll also get a 5-year membership to Gold genie's VIP Concierge service and a lifetime warranty. The company describes this gold plated iPhone as it’s most luxurious to date.

Those iPhone lovers who want to add more value to their devices can opt for this gold plated device.

Don’t hesitate, and pre-order now!

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