HMD Nokia Phones Will Get Latest Android P

The company has confirmed that HMD Nokia Phones including Nokia 2.1, 3.1, and 5.1 will receive Android P update.

Neil Broadley, HMD’s Global Marketing Manager, confirmed the Android P news about HMD Nokia Phones during at event in Russia. It is also noted that the company already revealed the statement in 2017 as well as for the existing models. However, different companies did not keep their promise once their portfolios failed to meet the results. It is fair to have some additional assurance on this time.

However, Juho Sarvikas, HMD CPO, also confirmed in the same event that Nokia 8 will get the long-awaited Nokia Pro Camera mode along with the update. In addition, it will begin to roll out from June 1 2018.

What is Android P?

Android P is the latest Android version and also called “Digital Wellness”. However, smart gestures are also present to give tough time to Apple’s navigation gestures. The OS makes it convenient for the smartphone user to use the phone with just one hand.

HMD Nokia Phones, Nokia 2.1, Nokia 3.1, and Nokia 5.1 will also get the Android P update.


Android P Key Features

Machine learning is the core of Android P. However, it makes smartphone advanced and makes it easier for it to learn and adapt from the smartphone user. The aim is to assist phone to analyze that which settings and applications are preferred by the smartphone user. However, it will reduce the power consumption by saving the battery from the drainage. Google also partnered with Deep Mind to develop the “Adaptive Battery” program. However, the program will assign more battery power to the most used applications. The App Timer will be also a great feature of Android P. Users will get a nudge once the phone’s battery reaches to end.

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I dnt thing that now nokia can success again like before they are useless they are not make phone like before theyh make there phone have lcd problems camera problem they probaly heat and hang. they are useless .

Shehryar Haroon , Karachi Sat 02 Jun, 2018