How 3G Will Impact IT Industry

The question is, Does the 3G bring any change or not?

For the country like Pakistan where citizens are not provided the resources and infrastructure by Government, the internet based technologies can proved to be both necessity and innovation will play a better role in solving social problems and removing gaps in services actions.

Some Benefits
If you are new in city and you are stuck in some place where you do not have any kind of assistance, you Smart phone can be helpful for you, using 3G, the faster internet service you can get road directions, maps and way to reach your destination in real time.


Doctors and hospitals can make it better use of internet by transmission of scans and reports, when transporting patients. For the country which Is suffering from electricity crises, wireless connections can give them a chance to work, connect, learn and play.

Due to issues of electricity many young entrepreneurs are losing out these days, there are slower internet services in Pakistan due to insufficiency of electricity, services like 3G will surly increase the access of people living in the areas where there is unavailability. By Syed Ismail Shah “Without such wireless technology, broadband penetration in the far flung areas is difficult”.

Relevancy of Pakistan:
According to Pakistan Telecommunication Authority (PTS), the percentage of Annual Cellular Mobile Teledensity in Pakistan is 74.9 percent. And according to a Pew Research study, the figure is little different. It says that 53 percent of Pakistanis own cell phones, and out of 3 percent of them owns smart phones.


Those who are developing apps, 3G gives interest and support to grow.

3G services has created to give opportunity for the public to connect, where entrepreneurs come up with ideas that solve existing problems in our society, and the public responds by adopting these and increasing their business potential.

The scope of this process is likely to be remaining limited except more people get concerned by using these services.

Will 3G Ease the Way:
Expected the long wait of new packages and faster internet services will get people to excited about on board with smart phones, and a faster 3G speed.


3G itself alone is insufficient to guaranteed the boost up the IT industry, it is essential element of the process, and this segment cannot move ahead without this facility being offered to new and old movers and shakers.

Logically there aren’t any economical benefit accruing by the introduction of 3G internet services in Pakistan, economy can be raised by developing infra structure, increase in job vacancies and other beneficial factors to increase in GDP.

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