How To Save Android Smartphones Battery Life

Are you tired of low battery warnings? Unfortunately smartphones batteries don’t last forever, those big AMOLED and LCD screens drain your battery. But those aren’t all, there are a lot of thing that’s behind the scenes that wares down your smartphones battery life. Today we are going to discuss ways to boost Android smartphone’s battery life to run a little extra.


Many of us may not know but auto-brightness drains your phones battery life more than you know. You may have noticed this that on auto-brightness mode brightness in more than what you really need. It is better for battery life for the brightness to be set manually.

Unnecessary Apps and Services

We all have numerous apps on our smartphone; many of these apps run in the background and consume battery life. So uninstall the unnecessary pp that you don’t use. You can also disable those services which you don’t use actively. So disable GPS services, Bluetooth, WI-Fi, Maps that you aren’t using constantly.


Background and Live Wallpaper

Most Samsung devices have an AMOLED screen which uses up more battery. A dark colored background can save your battery life as AMOLED screens uses less power to light the dark pixels. Reducing the brightness can make a huge difference in saving your smartphones battery life.

Live wallpaper may look good but it consumes a lot of device resources. Your devices slow down too due to the wallpaper consuming resources like RAM and CPU cycles. Draining the battery in the end. Thus, you should disable live wallpaper to save battery life.


Battery Hogs

You should fist figure out which apps uses more battery power. Go to Settings, Battery and you will come across a list of apps ranked in descending order showing you the battery power these apps used. There is a good chance that you will see Snapchat, Facebook to be consuming the most battery power. You can tweak few settings by disabling features like location services or by limiting app’s data access. Go through all of the apps and disable unnecessary feature which aren’t necessary for you.

Battery Saver Mode and Apps

Most Android smartphones comes with a battery saver mode that helps you manage your battery usage and optimize the result. It will help you save battery life by reducing smartphones performance. It can limit vibration, location services, background services, email, messaging and other unnecessary apps that rely on syncing.

You can always download battery saver apps that will deal with all battery issues. It keeps tab on battery draining apps and assists you to manage them. This app allows you to disable apps and services which consumes unnecessary battery life.

Update Apps

Most of the apps are constantly improving their performance and features. Your older version of the app may consume a lot of battery power that can be fixed with latest updates. Therefore, you should update your apps for improved battery life.

Smartphones are improving battery features to a greater extent day by day but they are not resistant to the common performance issues being faced. Android users must follow these basic steps to boost your smartphone’s battery life.

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