How to Unlock the Android Smart Phone If User Forgets Password or Pattern Lock?

Nothing can be worse for an Android user then to lock out of the device entirely. Even the glimpse of this whole idea gives you goose bumps, if you just can’t remember the password to unlock your phone.

It has been witnessed that users put up a difficult password or pattern lock to keep your privacy intact and secure from misuse. Kids and sneaky friends usually mess up with our phones and try to unlock the phone by trying different passwords, in case we leave our smart phone lying around unattended.

By trying wrong passwords for a long time, the system might just lock your phone completely. In such a situation, there are notable practical solutions that can be helpful.

These steps can also work in case your Android screen is damaged, or completely broken.

Using your Google Account Password

To make this method work, you require your smart phone, and access to your synced Google account. Yes! You heard it right! Your Google Recovery account can be used to unlock the device from lock screen. One of the greatest advantages of being integrated with Google account is that it is tangled with most devices and can be helpful in this situation.

In order to get started:

• Tap Forgot Password in order to open a new menu. (P.S. This option is only available on limited devices.)
• Enter your Google account details in the menu shown and tap Sign in.
• Your device will then unlock, and you will have full access.
The password lock code will be reset, and users are advised to set a new lock code as soon as possible to maximize your device’s security.

In case your Google account information doesn’t work, you can try other methods. You have numerous ways to recover your Google account information using your PC. Directly click Google’s account recovery page and follow the steps to reset via related email address.

Entering an Incorrect Password/Pattern Multiple Times

This is most faced problem by Android users. Best solution is to have patience and wait for the timer to run out so you can try to input the password or pattern lock again. If someone was falsifying with your device, it takes about 30 seconds before it allows you to have another go to reset.

In case, you just can’t wait for the timer, you may be able to use an associated Google account to unlock the phone, using the same steps listed in the previous method;
• Tap Forgot Password? To open a new menu. (This option is available on limited devices.)
• Enter your Google Account details here.
• Your device will now unlock, and you will have full access, resetting your password as well.


Registered Samsung Device

If you have a Samsung account registered with your Android device, you can use the Samsung website to distantly unlock your phone’s screen. The main issue is that many users don’t bother to register. This is another method that will benefit only dedicated Samsung users, but it could still be helpful.

• Open the Samsung website on your PC and login with your account information.
• Select your device from the taskbar on the left.
• Find the option called Unlock my screen on the sidebar. Tap it, and your device should now be unlocked.


Factory Reset

A factory reset is a radical method that deletes all data from your device. This method although allows the users to access the device but on the cost of deleting all your phone contacts, videos, apps, images, videos, important files etc. This should be used as a last resort.

Normally, the users are advised to make a backup of all their important phone data before opting for a factory reset. In case you’re stuck behind a lock screen it will limit how much data you can access and backup. Only your SD card data will remain intact by the reset.

So what can you do to back up your images when the screen is locked?

• Connect your Android device to your computer using a micro USB cable.
• Find your phone and open the main folder with your PC.
• Your pictures should be located in the folder named DCIM.
• Copy the folder to your computer to save the files.
Repeat the same procedure for any other folders that you like to save. You can also remove your SD card if you wish.

Depending on your device, the steps to factory reset may be a little different, but the end result will always be the same. Most devices will let you to hard reset by accessing recovery mode.

• Turn the device on, and hold down a combination of your buttons to access the boot menu.
• If you can’t find the correct combination, it should be easy to find the information online. Usually it is the power, volume down and camera buttons for most Android devices.
• Use your volume keys to navigate up and down, and the Power key to confirm your selection.
• Find the option that will allow you to Wipe Data/Factory Reset.
• Confirm that you want to wipe your device, and the phone should now begin the process. This process can take several minutes to complete, depending on the amount of data on your phone.
• When completed, the device will restart without the pass code, eradicating all your data.


Pass words or login patterns that you put on your smart phone are meant to protect the misuse. It is rightfully described as a double-edged sword in the wrong hands. By following the above mentioned methods, you can get back into your locked device without resorting to a factory reset, but sometimes you will have no other option if you can’t remember the code and you need to use the device at any cost. If you’ve reset your password, make sure to set up another one as soon as possible to avoid any further problems.

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