Huawei Grabbed the Second Spot from Apple in Global Smart Phone Sales

Huawei Mobiles has made a major development by bagging the second place in global smart phone rankings overtaking Apple for second quarter in year 2018. According to the latest figures, Huawei is way ahead on sales to end users in Q2.

There is 2% growth in the smart phone sales in the quarter, reaching to 374 million units. The tech gurus’ places Huawei with a 13.3 percent market share in the quarter, which is an increase from 9.8 percent in the previous year before quarter. Apple has a total market share of 11.9 % which is a decline from 12.1 percent in Q2 of 2017. These accounts for selling total 44.7 million iPhones were sold.

According to statistics provided by Gartner, year over year, Samsung also lost share, declining 12.7% in the quarter.

Samsung’s Galaxy smart phone maker retained the number 1 position with 19.3 percent as compared to 22.6 percent in the same quarter of last year. Total 72.3 million devices sold. These figures are squeezed by fierce competition from Chinese manufacturers, whereas the demand is slowing down for its flagship is squeezing its profitability. This is not a healthy combination.

In modern times, Huawei has been a significant Chinese OEMs bucking the trend of a declining global smart phone market. According to Gartner, smart phone sales of Huawei grew 38.6 percent in the second quarter.

As we noted earlier this month, when analysts reported Huawei taking over Apple in Q2, the brand has established a momentum for its mid range Honor devices, after significantly performing for premium devices too including P20 Pro.

For Apple the quarter was a flat one (0.9% growth), though that’s to be expected given Cupertino structures its mobile release cycle around a big-bang annual smartphone refresh in the fall, ahead of the holiday quarter, rather than releasing devices throughout the year.

Apple is having paced up competition with Chinese brands, which in turn is putting pressure on the company to innovate its devices in order to meet the preferences of the customers by delivering “enhanced value” in return for Apple iPhone’s premium price.

According to recent reports, Apple is prepping a number of iPhone design changes for fall, including a splash of color.

Fourth placed Chinese brand Xiaomi is one device maker putting pressure on longer term players in the smartphone market. In Quarter 2, Gartner said that the company sold approximately 32.8 million devices, with an 8.8% market share — increased from 5.8% in the year ago quarter.

The analyst’s data also shows Google’s Android operating system further extending its lead over Apple’s iOS in Q2, securing 88% market share as compared to 11.9% for iOS.

While the smart phone market is no longer a simple duopoly on the device maker front, with Huawei elbowing past Apple to bag the second spot in the global rankings, it remains very much the opposite story where smart phone operating systems are concerned.

And Gartner’s data now records the ‘other’ category of smart phone OSes at a 0.0% market share, down from 0.1% in the year ago quarter.

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