Huawei Mate 20x Is About to Release its New 5G model

Huawei revealed that it will launch its new variant for Huawei mate 20 but the leaks showed that there are a lot of differences in the new model of Huawei Mate 20x.

The phone is yet to be smaller which causes a smaller battery with fast charging. The extra hardware needed to install the 5G radios causes the battery to be smaller.

The 7.2 inch display will sport a 4200 mAh battery, which less than 5000 mAh in the previous mate 20x. It will also support the 40W SuperCharge charging tech by Huawei, which was not supported by mate 20x.

Although we don’t know how authentic this information is but, it makes sense for Huawei to shave off a few mAh to fit in the extra antennas for the 5G-capable.

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