HUAWEI nova 3 Series Goes Way Beyond the Conventional

There’s much to see on a product spec sheet—for instance, how much the company cares about its brand. From the hardware we can extrapolate the types of apps a device can run, as well as its target audience. Each brand serves its own group of consumers—like Huawei, most people associate the brand with business-centric devices. Straight-forward design, large battery, bank-level security features are all part of Huawei’s offerings, so it’s no wonder that consumers label the devices like the way they do. However with the launch of nova series in Pakistan for the first time, Huawei gets to display another sticker: the maker of devices for fashionistas.

With their fashionable appearances, nova series devices have won the heartsof many young users since their debut. Young users pursue individuality, enjoy entertainment and place a great emphasis on looks, and HUAWEI nova series ticks all the boxes. Made for today’s youth, the HUAWEI nova series has grown from strength to strength since its launch. Recently, it’s gotten two new members: the HUAWEI nova 3 and HUAWEI nova 3i.

The nova series has always had a focus on appearance and selfie features—that did not change with the HUAWEI nova 3 series. Featuring improvements upon its predecessor, Huawei nova 3 series comes with a trove of tools for users to express themselves, including a trending minimal bezel display, numerous color options, AI features, hardware HDR effects, 3D Qmojis, and more. With all these youth-centric features, Huawei is confident that the HUAWEI nova 3 series will help it break into new markets.

As a series specifically for young generation, nova series has its own understanding of the trend, which is illustrated to its target audience via design. The HUAWEI nova 3 series is equipped with a 6.3-inch FullView display with a wide aspect ratio, minimized bezels, and optimized body for improved grip. All these reflect HUAWEI nova 3 series’commitment to providing youth with fashionable and fantastic visual experience. On the back panel, the device sports a metal chassiswith a clear glass cover, underneath which the trendy colors—including the gradient color—shine though with incredible vibrancy. All these prove the HUAWEI nova stands at the forefront of popular culture.

Stunning appearance is indeed a product advantage of nova series, but the capability to take beautiful selfies is also key in this market segment. The HUAWEI nova 3 series enhances the selfie experience with its quad camera. On the front, the 24MP plus 2MP dual camera setup push the selfie capability to new heights. The f/2.0 wide aperture high resolution lens is joined by a professional depth lens to bring young users more natural and beautiful selfies. Besides providing DSLR-level image quality, Huawei nova 3 series produces photos with bokeh effects that look natural and realistic.

That’s not all— HUAWEI nova 3 series has a trump card: smart selfies and AI beautification. After Huawei established its selfie laboratory, the company has made great effort into researching its global user base. Analyzing the big data on user sentiments on selfie beautification, Huawei was able to quantify beauty and use its understanding to tweak its beautifying products so that they better fit their users’ preferences. This commitment to research enabled Huawei to offer devices that empower users to take beautiful photos with minimal effort.

With scientific and quantitative techniques to serve young users, taking graceful, gorgeous and beautified selfies is no longer a challenge. It is an exclusive application of nova series, and a new label to separate from Huawei’s business phones.

The HUAWEI nova series is the best looking and most ideal selfie-taking device at its price point. If Huawei continues its streak of excellence serving this target audience, we believe that this new “made for youth” identity will eventually rise to prominence and stand proudly alongside its reputation as the go-to manufacturer of business devices.


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