Huawei P20 Pro Comes With GPU Turbo Update

Chinese technology giant Huawei has released a new flagship device, Honor Play on June 6, 2018. Huawei’s CEO Yu Chengdong announced in the release conference its “very scary technology” considered to be the revolutionary graphics processing acceleration technology titled GPU Turbo.

The company said that this technology has increased graphics processing efficiency up to 60% and SOC power consumption by 30%.

After the Huawei Mate 10 series which started GPU Turbo beta testing on June 7, Huawei recruited GPU Turbo beta testers for Huawei Honor 10. About a month ago, the company released GPU Turbo Beta for the Huawei P20 series and currently, there is a confirmation that Huawei has released the stable update for the Huawei P20 Pro.

This GPU Turbo acceleration technology update should give the Huawei P20 Pro a better and effective gaming experience but it does not support all games.

This update also comes with the July security patch. The size of this update is only 670 MB, thus it is not very heavy to download.

In addition to improving GPU performance and reducing power consumption, GPU Turbo can also bring HDR enhanced effects to the gaming, allowing for clearer picture quality and richer color details.

This new update of GPU Turbo is not only beneficial for flagship devices, but it can also improve the GPU performance of low end and mid range smart phones. They can utilize the technical means to avoid simply piling of hardware and improve the user experience.

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