Huawei Watch 3: Best Wear OS Smart Watch

Huawei is planning to launch three amazing smart watches which are versatile in terms of functionality. The brand is on the verge of launching three amazing Wear OS Smart Watches. These three smart watches will be from Huawei Watch 3 family.

Let us check out what this device has to offer:


Since past few years, the names of Huawei devices have been quiet predictable. The first year watch launched was titled Huawei Watch; second one launched in 2017 was named Huawei Watch 2. The third upcoming device is expected to be called Huawei Watch 3. However, it is expected to come with some amazing changes.

Huawei has recently submitted applications to the European Union Intellectual Property Office to trademark three names on three different wearables. And since the product names on the applications were for Watch Anchor, Watch Unlimited, and Watch Voyage, it’s highly anticipated that these might be the names of the upcoming devices.


The device is referred to as the Huawei Talk Band B5. Evan Blass posted a leaked image of a smart watch that features a removable ear bud for telephone calls. The leaked specs confirm an earlier rumor about a wearable that housed removable ear buds.

LetsGoDigital spotted a patent filing for the watch, and various ways of storing ear buds in early July. It can even stored in the watch’s clasp, or even it can open or close, or magnetically in a spring mechanism.

The patent filing also goes into the ear buds themselves. This can be water-resistant and feature active noise cancellation.

Some of this similar feature is expected in Huawei Watch 3. However, it’s another topic entirely when it comes to whether the company should do it.

Smart watches have already been criticized for their bulk compared to typical analog watches. Therefore adding storage for a pair of ear buds is definitely not a good idea.


When is Huawei going to launch these amazing devices? Still nothing is confirmed by the officials. It looks like the upcoming smart watches will make an appearance sooner rather than later.

Chinese tech giant has already trademarked the names for three wearables. It is expected, that the trio smart watches will be released at the end of August.
Prices are not official yet. We may have to wait until the watches are officially announced or even upon their release.

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