Include OPPO F3 in your Eid ul Fitr Checklist

As the blessed month of Ramadan is approaching to an end, the most awaited and colorful religious festival Eid ul Fitr will be celebrated this weekend. For Muslims across the world, May and June are devoted to fasting, prayers, and charitable acts to mark the holy month.

Preparation for Eid ul Fitr celebration begins even before the beginning of the holy month. Women start looking for their designer wear Eid outfit at every shopping mall. Along with clothes, search for matching jewellery, accessories, and shoes also begins. Men usually believe in last minute shopping and wait till Chand Raat to grab their Kurta Shalwar to wear for Eid prayers.

Apart from fulfilling the essentials of Eid, everyone likes to broadcast their celebrations on social media by clicking some photos and selfies. Relatives or friends living at distant locations can check out the posted selfies and pictures on Face Book or Instagram accounts and comment their wishes. Even your close by friends and family believes in Face Booking the Eid photos and pouted group selfies to gain attention and acknowledgement for their Eid styling.

Eid Selfies Looks Perfect with OPPO F3

Talking about the memorable Eid selfies, how can we possibly miss the “One for Selfie, One for Group Selfie” dual selfie cameras of famous OPPO F3? True selfie freaks can’t think of anything else but the OPPO F3 that fulfills their requirements for HD wide angle selfies accommodating huge group of friends or all aunts and uncles in a family photo. There is one 16MP camera for individual selfies and another 8MP 120 degree wide angle camera for group selfies. Usually most brands offer single selfie camera with standard mega pixels resolution, but the OPPO F3 has raised the bar high by offering much more than just a normal selfie cam. You will never get tired of clicking random shots on Eid day.

Women and Their Obsession with Selfies

Young girls and women are major selfie fans that we have come across. Whether it is for flaunting their mehndi applied on hands or stylish Eid dress, every moment can become special with OPPO F3. Swiping left to right they can switch between beauty, time lapse, video, and panorama modes making it easier for you to click perfect selfies. Camera of OPPO F3 works perfect under sufficient light conditions, so you can choose your house balcony at day time when your college or office friends are visiting you for a group selfie.

Even a perfectly lit room can be used for an Eid dinner party attendees group selfie. You can accommodate 16 to 20 people in one frame if you have OPPO F3 in your hands. Isn’t it incredible!


OPPO F3 can cover your family Gathering This Eid

No other phone, but ONLY the selfie expert OPPO F3 can be your professional photographer for the Eid family dinner or lunch. You can rely on this special dual selfie expert phone, where you can categorize your selfies in groups like “#EidDay1SelfieswithBFF”, “Dudes in White Kurta Shalwar” etc. Not just this but you can also grab all 20 people gathered at your place for a memorable Eid selfie and place it on respective social media accounts tagging everyone in the picture.

OPPO F3 can make this possible!


Eid is the family time when everyone gathers up to share the joy and have pleasant moments. To make this festival memorable, selfies and photos are clicked in every house. OPPO F3 can be a perfect choice for group and individual selfies and should be included in the checklist for EID. To capture the memorable moments of the festival, take individual selfies for social media, capture group selfies in the family gatherings. This device is priced at Rs 29,899 that makes it the best economical gift for Eid.

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