iOS 11: Hidden features for your Apple devices that you are unaware of!

The new software version of Apple iPhone and iPad devices, iOS 11 is making waves globally due to many reasons. Let us discover the salient features of iOS 11 that the world is not aware of yet!

Do Not Disturb While Driving

This feature is activated while you are driving and can automatically silence all your incoming calls and notifications using the combination of speed and Bluetooth. It makes your screen go dark that will help you to concentrate on driving merely. This feature is pretty helpful in maintaining the safety of the user.

Emergency SOS

Using your Health App, you can save emergency contacts. When you press the home lock button five times in quick succession, it allows you to slide for emergency SOS which immediately dials 999 and sends a message to your emergency contacts along with your location. This is certainly a great feature to get help immediately in emergency health situations like heart attacks, etc. This feature is available on iPhone.


New Screen Shot Mode

The Apple users who have upgraded to the new version can now take a screen shot by pressing home and lock buttons and that creates a window on the bottom left of the page. It also allows you to edit and doodle on screenshots before saving them.


Screen Recording

This option is available via new control centre that can record short video of your screen activity. This is useful if you want to show your friend/ relative how to use the feature.

New App Store

The new iOS 11 versions is supported by new refined look of App Store. After 2008, this is the first time that Apple has reinvented its app store introducing edited recommendations and bifurcating apps and games in different tabs.

Live Photo Changes

The photography lovers can certainly make their own live photos loop. You can also create a long exposure effect by dragging upward on the screen while looking at it.

New iMessage Effects

“Echo” and “Spotlight” effects are something new you will find in the iMessage. Echo as the name suggests, repeats your message across the screen.

Edit Siri Messages

All iPhone users are aware of SIRI and use it all the time. This new version allows the users to edit your commands, in case SIRI fails to comprehend or couldn’t hear your message. You can edit your command by typing.

Siri can translate

SIRI is now modified and advance enough to fulfill multiple commands of the users. Not exactly to the level of Google Translate, but SIRI can definitely translate foreign languages on the fly.

Document Scanning

The professional users or students can now scan documents. After creating a note, you can simply click plus button and select scan document. It also allows the users to manually edit the area and turn them black and white and add signatures.

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