IPhone XS: Five Incredible Features Users Want to See

Apple’s iPhones are most anticipated every year. This time two new iPhone models namely IPHONE XS, and IPHONE XS PLUS are expected to be announced next week. Keeping up with the trends, Apple is expected to bring latest upgraded features in new iPhones which includes improved cameras, and processor technology.

However, there are a few features absent from the iPhone, but are present on other competing devices, the ones that could technically be easily implemented on an iPhone.

A 120Hz ProMotion Screen Display

Retina screen got hype and fame when it was first introduced on iPhone 4 and all the rival devices followed up in comparison. This time it moved to a new panel with higher refresh rates with similar effect and Apple has done that on the 10.5 inches iPad featuring ‘ProMotion’ display.

The greatest feature is the smoothness and fluidness of scrolling web pages or the animation effects in iOS is outstanding feature on the iPhone. Apple is expected to restrict this feature to the larger iPhone XS Plus to differentiate between the two variants and may even include support for Apple Pencil.

Always on display

This feature is getting popular on Android devices having an OLED panel and it would be incredible to have this feature on an iPhone. OLED screen panels are pretty effective for powering up the phone’s screen. Last year, Apple has switched to OLED screen on the iPhone X, there are fewer reasons for not supporting this feature and fewer reasons to double tap the IPHONE.

Dual SIM support

Dual SIM option has been long ignored by Apple, whereas, it is one of the most prominent and common feature in Android devices. It is a ‘must feature’ in popular markets like China and India.

Samsung and Huawei flagships come equipped with dual SIM support since past few years. This feature is game changing and has been a convenient and affordable option for travelers. Many people also use it at home by paying one Telco for calls and the other for data.

This year, according to the rumors, Apple is expected to launch an iPhone with dual SIM capabilities. However, it is still not evident, which device of Apple will have this feature.

Launch camera with a hardware button

For launching the camera on the iPhone, the users are required to tap or swipe on the screen. However, many Android manufacturers allow launching the camera by double pressing the power or volume buttons.

This action enables you get to the camera app in the time it takes for you to hold the phone up to take a picture.

Replace Lightning port with USB-C Port

Charging your iPhone and Mac with same cable will certainly be convenient for users. However, there is no genuine reason for Apple to switch to USB Type- C port on an iPhone, especially with the incompatibilities that Android users have faced connecting headsets to that port.

Amid all the speculations, we are not sure which of these features will be available on the 2018 variant of iPhone at the launch event, which is scheduled for 12, September.

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