Is It Possible to Get High-End Features in a Smartphone Under 20K?

In the modern world, where prices are soaring for about almost everything we can possibly imagine, having a reliable smartphone that fits your budget can be quite a challenge.

As per the needs of a modern day consumer, a good smartphone is definitely the most crucial element of any lifestyle. A well-functioning camera, long battery life, enough CPU capacity to support multi-task functionality, as well as an overall attractive appeal are some specs that make up a solid choice for a smartphone. However, this is easier said than done, because any phone that fits this portfolio can be quite expensive on any average man’s pocket.

So the question remains, is it actually possible to get high-end features in a smartphone under 20K?


Ever since brands such as QMobile, Huawei, and OnePlus have entered the market, the prices of smartphones have come down considerably. However, are these brands actually offering specs that are worth it? Not necessarily. And that’s how the situation becomes more of a paradox. So what is a smartphone user looking for a high-end specs at an affordable budget supposed to do?

The answer is to go for OPPO A71!

The OPPO A71 has a 5.2-inch 720×1280 display. The images are clear and the high resolution means that the viewing angles are good. The smartphone also has a Mediatek 6750 octa-core processor along with 3GB of RAM. The processor is able to handle the load well so you can Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook with ease.


OPPO as a brand has always been about the selfie life and it makes no exceptions when it comes to the A71. The A71 features a 13MP primary camera with phase detection autofocus and a single LED flash and the front camera is a 5MP shooter with no LED flash. Photos are sharp and focused with plenty of detail.

At PKR 19,899 the OPPO A71 is a budget friendly phone with all the basic features that students, professionals and working individuals can get plenty of use from. Stylishly constructed with all the specifications and picture-perfect results each time, the OPPO A71 is the ideal phone to have for budget spenders!

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